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Πέμπτη, 24 Μαρτίου 2011


Star-gates, Serpents, Shamans, Spirits n Shrooms

"Men often stumble on the Truth, but usually dust themselves off & hurry away..." -
(Winston Churchill)

“The world is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams”.
(Black Sabbath)

Mankind isn't evil, just uninformed.
(Prof. Charles Francis Xavier, X-Men)

Dr Mu

There is a whole world of confusion at this time about the return of some kind of religious “Messiah” who will cleanse the earth of evil and shuttle all who believe in him (or her) off to eternity in the clouds. Many other millions even believe in an advanced extra-terrestrial race coming back… who supposedly seeded the world millennia before…and who believe genetically created Homo-sapiens far back in the planets lost pre-history. Both these ideas… when you break them down into their basic elements are exactly the same concept…as what we have is humans looking up to higher beings than ourselves knowing deep down that there must be something more advanced in control of our creation and our destinies. For unknowingly…as so many now believe…we earth humans are part of a grand “experiment”…having in the past…agreed at a higher level of consciousness to be on earth in these confusing “end times”…which are no more than the end of one civilisation…and the beginning of a new one. Not…I repeat…not…the end of the world…as many groups are saying to help push forward and promote their own misguided and deviously… greedy agendas.

If you read our earth holy books… it would seem that half of the human race are standing on the threshold of meeting God the creator itself… while the other half hold faith in the imminent return of our “makers” from the stars. Of course there are millions who have never ever thought about any type of so-called spiritual concept in their entire tunnel-vision existences and hold the rather pointless view that there is nothing…just nothing after their pointless little lives. What a life…at least people who believe in idiotic concepts realize there has to be something else. Of course there is an element of truth blended into all these ideas…but the universe is utterly teeming with diverse life on many levels of vibrating reality…life that probably would seem to the primitive death-fearing humans as a “God” or “gods”. There is even life that appears utterly dead to our science…but this is not all that’s just that most humans don’t understand that their worlds and realities were directly manifested from their multi-dimensional imaginations. But just know that extra-terrestrial visitations are not always necessarily humanoid…as they could indeed be celestial. I'll explain what I mean by that in a little while. Remember the rhyme at the start? Well…soon you will meet the writer of that piece…it’s entirely up to himself when he wishes to speak…not me. But anyway.Remember as I’ve just said…we create our own realities…and whatever we believe in…we will experience…as this is the reality we have formed in our sub-conscious minds and projected as our world. You will hear this concept being used all the way through this book…and the repetitive nature of much that is within these pages is consciously deliberate on my part. For this is a free-will universe…and if there is ever any (physical) interference in human affairs from outside…it will be conducted by “beings” with nefarious…desperate or selfish intent.If there is ever a battle or ever any blood spilt…it’s always initiated by forces of darkness…never the light…for simply…the light-forces do not operate through dense or slow matter.
“Reality Hosts”
(Like the fellow who wrote the rhyme at the start)
on the other hand…are not physical…they are an electro-magnetic psychedelic frequency. So who or what are they?
“Reality Hosts”
Are entities that have chosen to descend the dimensions…shedding millions of colored layers of their light bodies…to help uncurl the throat grip of our primitive “God” amnesia. Too many God-fearing Individuals on our planet are expecting some kind of super-hero’s arrival
(It’s not them by the way…so don’t get excited)
To save the earth from the fabled “Santa”
(I always get mixed up with anagrams).
This is why we can never…and will never know who or what they really are… as we worship…or even worse might…try to kill them. Believe me…it’s no laughing matter…for this is the greatest problem for them making contact with 3rd dimensional physical beings like us. Our imprudent belief in our “Ghost-Gods” is the most extreme traumatic reflex and consequence of living in a "polar-reality" or should I say duality, and seeing things as opposites… or disconnected. Especially after such a cataclysm…like what happened with the comet of 10,500 years ago.
” Reality Hosts”
Know exactly what is coming next as they experience time super-consciously as all one ever evolving moment.In our reality…time is perceived as many grand universal cycles or one long linear line through past-present-future. Humans are soon to become a galactic civilisation… interacting with the many star system civilisations in our galaxy and universe.
So listen up…as we have much to learn in such a short time…
I wish I could remember agreeing to this in Ancient Egypt.
(More later)
There is no exact way to sum up who or what
“Reality Hosts”
really are…so I found a passage here from a book… to clarify everything.
Or maybe this will just confuse you even more.

I am old, older than thought in your species, which is itself fifty times older than your history. Though I have been on earth for ages I am from the stars. My home is no one planet, for many worlds scattered through the shining disc of the galaxy have conditions which allow my spores an opportunity for life. The mushroom which you see is the part of my body given to sex thrills and sun bathing, my true body is a fine network of fibres growing through the soil. These networks may cover acres and may have far more connections that the number in a human brain. My mycelial network is nearly immortal, only the sudden toxification of a planet or the explosion of its parent star can wipe me out. By means impossible to explain because of certain misconceptions in your model of reality all my mycelial networks in the galaxy are in hyper-light communication across space and time. The mycelial body is as fragile as a spider's web but the collective hyper-mind and memory is a vast historical archive of the career of evolving intelligence on many worlds in our spiral star swarm. Space, you see, is a vast ocean to those hardy life forms that have the ability to reproduce from spores, for spores are covered with the hardest organic substance known. Across the aeons of time and space drift many spore-forming life-forms in suspended animation for millions of years until contact is made with a suitable environment.
(A mushroom speaking from Psilocybin - Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide by O.T. Oss & O.N. Oeric).

Ok! Now everybody ready?
Here we go.

For the last 2000 years during the Piscean age…we humans
have been spoon-fed plagiarized and edited tales about our origins and genetic makeup. Over this rather short period of time
(In the universal scheme of things)
we have been subjected to countless versions of “designer illusions”…so much so…that the majority of people on our planet…now base their whole salvations on improvable and backward half-truths.Too many people dwelling on our world…believe they are living in “Armageddon’s” destructive “end-times”…and this false manufactured anxiety…is creating a hell on earth for all the rest of the planets lodgers.But really…its just the “end of an age” of our zodiac… when we emerge as a solar-system out of the dark…into the galaxies photonic light-streams once again to be mutated by the cycles of our sun. But because of these in-bred…spurious fear beliefs…millions of contemporary minds have dug themselves into their very own dark-holes… which are jam-packed with false "fear of death" beliefs…concocted by more primitive and superstitious…God fearing minds of the past. Sadly for us though…this has manifested as a form of planetary schizophrenia and psychosis. For within the very make-up of humans…lurks the subconscious trauma of when the “gods” fell down (more on this later) and instigated their cataclysmic chain reactions.These events are where our fear of a wrathful male God spawns from…it didn’t exist before this time as we were operating from a higher dimension of earth reality. What the
“Reality Hosts”
Cannot yet understand is…why should anyone on this planetary sphere fear death? Why would any intelligent human blindly believe in something that causes us so many traumas…when we can research and know (as opposed to believe) millions of other pieces of earth knowledge which are unequivocally proven to be true? We can with the use of our magnificent telescopes…nearly see back in time to the so-called
“Big Bang”
Or should I say
"Great Sneeze”
Doesn’t that tell you something about the make-up of time? No? Well it should. These Erroneous hybrid indoctrinations…put together over many centuries…by the hands of mostly disagreeable males…have suppressed the knowledge of the Mother-Goddess…and entrapped the whole human race…in the belief of a “one-life existence”…of profound death-fearing paranoia.All this distress in the anxious hope…of being selfishly chosen by an invisible God…over all other races of human…and ultimately receiving a great holy re-birth of eternal salvation alongside…
Other…mostly un-provable Gods. So let me ask you this…because these oddities…perplex many of our
Brothers and sisters of the higher realms…who are patiently waiting for the human
To re-join them all among the stars…and the infinite frequencies.
Do you really think that we live just one fearful little life and then die? Probably due to rotting away for 3 years to a lifestyle induced disease…to end up sitting twiddling our thumbs…catching the eye of God on his throne now and again…whilst grinning awkwardly at other saved souls for eternity on a cloud?
Do you really think you get all your favorite meals and get to play with your favorite kitten and look young again?
Aren’t we supposed to be in spirit form?
Do you?
And tell me…
How can we possibly be born sinners…when our “one-life” blindly believing faiths have rejected the idea of reincarnation from other physical lives?
These religions say we are born with original sin (whatever the hell that is) and that we are spirituality unclean.Don’t you realise that no one on Earth was originally from this planet?

Can’t you feel their bite…for while you sleep...they suck your light?

Here we go…I was wondering when he would butt in and throw a little rhyme at the readers. At this point I want to introduce you to the real author of this book. This is the incomprehensible but affable
“Dr Mu”.
This character is one of the
“Reality Hosts”
who have come here at this time to mend earths "Akashic Records". This is the entity that says he made a pre-history agreement with me 25,000 years ago on the advanced civilization continent of "Lemuria"… to walk into my body at this time.
I personally have absolutely no memory of this…and it’s a rather bizarre concept…but he’s adamant…so I just take his cosmic word for it. For once he starts to talk…entities tend to listen. Sometimes he says a little… sometimes you just cannot get him to stop…as you will see a bit later. But I only say this to let you know and prepare you for what’s to come later in the book…for once he starts…as I said…it’s incredibly hard to shut him up. You will see later.
But for now…
Let me ask you most seriously. Do you really think the Gods of our scriptures…the ones who all through our history right up to this time…the ones who have pitted different races of humans against each other for little more than "Real Estate"…in wars of utter genocide and carnage…the ones who call for the slaughter and human sacrifice of men…women…children and unborn babies.
(Ask yourself)
Can these jealous…two-faced…killer…wrathful male Gods…really have anything to do with creating
This timeless…colorful…growing…conscious…
Folks…our universe is teaming with life between inconceivable frequencies and endless levels of evolution.
Many say this can’t be true…yet in the same breath they ask us to
Have faith in some "Superman" coming from Heaven…to save the earth and its entire race of chosen people.


Wow! Wow!
Ya nutter!
You can’t just keep jumping in to
Everyone you don’t like.
Just wait till I’ve said my piece and you will get your chance soon.
Bloody nutter!
So as I was saying.

There’s a reason why the word “blood” is the second most used word in our Holy books after God.
Is a transition soon to happen within the very D.N.A of the planet due to radiation coming through the sun…this coming modification is in a form that none of us humans have the ability as of yet to imagine. Truths of this great event have been shaded from us…cunningly mixed within myth… astrology and symbolism…all this for a rather polluted agenda…which has been unfolding over many centuries…unbeknown to the snoozing masses on our world. We are to become a one-world galactic civilisation…
(Not a One World Government…as this will not be allowed to happen)
interacting positively with the many star system civilisations in our galaxy and universe.
Mission as a
“Reality Host”
Is simple.
It is to remind this part of the galaxy…that all beings are indeed the “Great Spirit” experiencing itself through infinite frequencies of magnetic…expanding
Conscious…physical possibility. Humanity…and all other life must be ready to ascend…or increase vibration…to move with the planet through the dimensional transition…for the earth is going to start to move out of this 3d dimensional time around the year 2012…whether humans are ready or not. The
“Reality Hosts”
have volunteered to indulge in a hairy human spacesuit one more time…to help edify our minds into recalling the greatest secret of life…
Which is?
That death is simply like waking up in the morning from an illusionary comatose state…and starting a new school with a different uniform and education.Its an extremely positive and eternally liberating experience… which each of us have gone through countless times before…but have simply forgotten.So stop worrying…and know with every breath that we each are an infinite being of light which can consciously…unconditionally love...evolve...and create reality.
World is programmed with TV
To believe that the act of death is something dark…evil and fearful…but of course its not.So…within the many “dimensional doorways” of this book…the
will explain and identify in detail through his rhymes…who is controlling the assimilation of these images…which every day are implanting dim thoughts into our subconscious…and of course why.For humans are spiritual beings having just one of many (blink of an eye) human experiences…not the other way around…just in case you had forgotten.We are living in the “Time of Truth” where many suppressed secrets concerning the reality of the “Shadow Government” will come to the surface. There are some very big upheavals about to happen to the corrupt world governments and their evil masters.
That is if you believe this is possible…and believe that this kind of situation is actually happening.
Unnatural Gregorian sun-calendar…has disconnected humans from nature…and this in turn has made us forget that we are each an essential white blood cell within the planets immune system. Our Shamanic tribal cousins still maintain their rituals and dances…and these high vibration celebrations conducted through the earths many sacred pressure points…are to heal the planet and help release negative energy which comes from mankind’s inner schizophrenic turmoil. And so as "Mayans" the
“Reality Hosts”
Brought to us the moon calendar based on the sun-spot cycles…carved in stone for all to understand and live by.It is the nature calendar which controls the Goddess and female we-moon menstrual…conception and birth cycles.
Wait a second…I think the
Wants to say something quickly.

Ok then!
That was all very out of the blue.
Thanks again for that

We humans are actually pure-light and divine beings…we are not our body…it’s just that we have been tuned down and conditioned to forget.
Majority of everyday thoughts and insecurities in our heads are not our own…they have became fixed in our sub-conscious through the constant programming we receive whilst lying around like walruses in front of our televisions. But this is just one of many self-invited cancers that keep us spiritually ill. Humans have lost the knowledge of how to breathe correctly from the diaphragm and not the throat…this loss reduces the flow of healing “prana” around our light-bodies and essential chakras. We
have been severed from earth (our life source) for too long…and through the mass hypnotic obsession…with testosterone fuelled left-brained technology…we earthlings have literally fallen asleep.


That’s him again.
And we all will wake up in one way or the other.Uusually a short-sharp-shock works…like another visit from the “gods”.

has incarnated into our time as a knowledge filter…and an in-dispensable ally to all who can grasp his timeless teachings.For without the faithful intervention by this universes unique…144,000 reality hosts……whole parallel worlds would have perished…in spiral clouds of black radioactive light…never again to grace linear…or non-linear holographic time.
“Reality Hosts”
Are not extra-terrestrial…so try to perceive them as inter-time and/or inter-dimensional.

We are a frequency…
The ones from in-between…
You’ll see.

That was him again.
I’m sure you knew.

mis-leaders which control our world have possessed and withheld sacred knowledge from humankind for millennia.These groups of “Black Magicians” have been conducting earth damaging experiments and rituals…attempting to fold and bend space to escape the coming time of light on our planet. This is why they suppress the vibration of humans with every kind of poison…as they don’t want us to make the coming evolutionary leap. The ancestors of these depraved people had technology back in pre-history…in a time which is deemed impossible.Our holy books and ancient paintings are full of sightings of flying “gods“ but people thought they were “God” and worshipped them.
But I say again.
What are the “gods"?

I welcome you to the
Multi-layered reality…for it’s also yours…its just slipped your mind.Have you forgotten you came here with billions of other souls to harvest physical experience…to find your way back to the vibration of the Goddess? This memory loss happened as we fell down the dimensions through galactic centre…to re-incarnate on earth…sacrificing 90% of our brain power in the process. Those not ready for this coming evolutionary jump…will incarnate back into the 3rd Dimension on another planet. They cannot return to the higher dimension Earth.

This is what can happen…when you do not breathe in deep…the lack of "prana" sustenance…can make awareness sleep…so consciously draw "oxygen"…for surely "prana" flows within…you cannot win…by hate and sin…they turn your "yang" round into "yin".

Thanks again.
But I would appreciate it…if you let me finish what I have to say.

Yeah! Yeah!

The well documented historical genocides of the Celtic-Druidic people by various immoral empires throughout time…were to close the Elven D.N.A codes…and finally kill off the Lemurian…
Dragon-gene forever.
Luckily for humans they didn’t succeed…and it’s never going to be allowed to happen…as the “Indigo-kids” and the
“Reality Hosts”
are here in their droves. Our human…higher-conscious…kundalini ancestors are migrating back up from the inner-earth…through the secret crystal waterfalls of Africa…to help remind the rest of their tribe on the surface why they came to earth this time around. Its either going to be an inter-galactic party…or a self-made hell…it depends on our state of mind and health. So keep your head clean of all manufactured TV filth and horror…and stay awake. The above entities are not the only beings looking after our welfare…for there are Archangels…Lords of Light… Angels…Ascended-Masters and also countless extraterrestrial races… looking over our shoulders at this time.
As the sun filters the powerful radiations from galactic centre through our solar system…mutating the planet…
“Reality Hosts”
are here to serve the human race as knowledge filters.Their mission…is to present a sprinkling of the sacred universal stardust in a form which can be understood…and assimilated by all on our level of 5 sense primitive awareness.For we really are at the crossroads of either an unimaginable jump in evolution…or possible self-annihilation. Many civilisations…some non-humanoid in appearance…are watching us right now through the sight-membranes of unity-time with the greatest of interest. So be aware that every time you shiver…twitch or jolt out of nowhere…just examine very closely what you where doing in that very moment…for you were being nudged to take notice of something happening around you…or in your mind.
Has told me…that he had to walk into the body of a grown…male “Indigo-kid”. This event…he said…was planned 25,000 years ago on “Lemuria”… and then finalised as a done deal 12,000 years later…whilst…he said…we were sitting on an iron meteorite sun-dial…beside the “Great Pyramid”… at a “Mystery School” initiation. He said he told me telepathically…that my body would be officially walked into in 2005…and that I had to have incarnated into either the Celtic…African…or any of the Indian races…as they hold the correct genetic tolerance for his high
As I said…I remember nothing of this.
He said…that just like much volcanic and earthquake activity has of recent times been loosening the tectonic underwater Lemurian crystal temples…that the human species will be shaking of millennia of fear-vibration from their light bodies…and regaining their lost extraterrestrial powers…a-miss from our consciousness from so many lifetimes ago. Finding this present incarnation was my own responsibility…so obviously I decided to use the Celtic race…as I also needed to be part of a culture that would be accepted and respected…in every other culture across the planet. He communicated…that I would be guided to this very spot on the summer-solstice through many teachers throughout my lives…(plural)…and that I would fall asleep…and upon waking be aware of his presence. So I’m going to hand you over to him very soon…but for now I need to tell my side of the story.So thank you for reading my book…I hope you enjoyed the introduction from the
As he said…he will be back in a while…this is just my personal introduction to show you that there are actually two entities involved in this work. So after I explain a bit more about my meeting with him and say my bit…I will pass you on to the
And he will take you from there.

Many good people like my...


Hang on
Just hang on a minute
You will get your chance to rhyme soon…ok.
Just hang on.
As I was saying.
Many good people like my family and...

Hello...and welcome...

For feck's sake…he's just not going to let me continue…bloody nutter…so I guess at this point…I’m going to have to reluctantly let him have his say for now.
So here he is…the cosmic nut-job himself.
I will chat again soon enough.
Ta ra

Ok then…so there you have it…you have met the
What do you think of that for an introduction? This entity as I’ve said… maintains that he and myself made a pact 25,000 years ago…to write this book to help pass on certain lost knowledge of our suppressed world… Can you understand how crazy this all sounds to me? For sure though… something has happened…as I just don’t know how…what started as a hobby for me…was able to reach such a state as to be ready to be published in a book…so I need time to tell you a bit more about myself… before I let him take over me completely. So let’s hope he has got it all out of his system for the time being.
Many good people like my friends and family who know me in my everyday life…as I tried to say earlier…but was somewhat rudely interrupted…are going to maybe read this book and think I have lost the plot…and that I'm an absolute
due to the way I will be talking about myself…and about certain supposed world concepts. Some may even get intimidated or angry at what they read…and start to question where I receive all of this information from…and they may even wrongly think that I'm part of some crazy left-wing cult or something…being influenced or brainwashed in some way.
And trust me…I can understand that under the circumstances…after what they will have just read from the
But that of course is in no way the case.
As this type of “mind-body-spirit” classification of information can be found in any downtown bookshop or on any home Internet. You just have to know where to look…how to take that little clue from each source…and how to piece it all together…while of course being un-fazed of what information you may find that might collide with your own chosen belief system.
That is…if you have one!
In other words…I suggest you relax and grab a large shoehorn and pry open your mind wider than you ever dreamed possible…as its about to be forcefully gripped and stretched to its absolute limits of belief endurance
So I want you to think about this for a second.
Unless your mother birthed you on a desolate mountain-top…and left you alone to ponder the world as an infant…with no contact with another living soul. And somehow magically you came up with the religious or political belief system you so passionately now follow in its whole pure form…then no one has a right to accuse anyone else of disrespecting their beliefs…because in reality…its not their beliefs…its really just some kind of cultural or political…somewhat improvable structure of reality…that they happened to have absorbed or adopted through repetition…familiarity…or even guilt or fear…based on theirs…or their families immediate lifestyle or environment.
And breathe!
And anyway…while I'm on a roll…if anybody does happen to follow any kind of set in stone belief system…at the expense of looking at physical or researchable textual evidence…then their mind is basically closed…chained shut…to the endless and newly discovered world wonders being unearthed daily within the rest of factual reality.
And so nobody has the right to run around chastising others for blindly doing something which they are blindly doing themselves.
So there.
Deep breath
And again…breathe the “prana”.
Some of these folks who know me…naturally may react very uneasy as they read the following pages…because first off…they are picturing me… the male person whom they know or grew up with…and cant quite grasp what I'm trying to do here with my alter ego
Dr Mu.
(If can call him that)
as I certainly wasn't brought up being taught any of this information…I just happen to naturally come across it and attract it…its just part of my life experience…and I suppose you could say it was out of my hands as I indeed reincarnated into elements of it. To many peoples eyes and minds though…when they saw me last…I was just reading some silly conspiracy book or the like…talking about this or that otherworldly crazy shit. But please don't think for a second that this is what this work is about. For its not about shaky disinformation improvable theories…its about unraveling the secrets of our true human origins and sewing together with surgeon precision the loose dangling tendons…of our planets deliberately beaten down and suppressed earth knowledge.
(Her-story not His-story).
But my friends and family are not picturing my multi-dimensional…super-conscious…true light spiritual form.
( Eh?)
(What’s he saying?)
(I told you he was nuts.)
They are only interacting with my physical…skin…spacesuit-ego form…and I with theirs…which is no more than simply the accumulation of all of my emotional experiences…both good and bad…in my present…one of many…brief physical lives. Do you know the health of our bodies on the most part…reflect the true health of our minds.
Dis-ease=not at ease.
For I really do not care what people think of me…and they can read my book and think I’m an idiot or whatever…for its actually none of my business what they think of me…I don’t give it a second thought.
My point is…that too many people base their own lives on others…on the most part…shallow expectations of themselves. Too many people would rather believe and hold on to a lie or obvious fallacy…against their own higher intuitive and better judgment…finding comfort in the masses of people who are also believing the same lie…rather than find themselves as an outcast from the group for opposing the group belief. This is taking the concept of "security in numbers"…in my opinion…totally the wrong way down the garden path to the compost heap. Just because dozens or even millions of people all believe the same crap about something…because after all…they are receiving it from the same source that has been repeated into their heads 5 or 10 times a day in the form of so-called daily news…doesn’t make it fact…and certainly doesn’t make it the truth. Tiny fish in the sea group together in their millions knowing that their friends on the outside are getting eaten for doing exactly what they are doing…but as long as its not them then its ok…and they must deserve it anyway for taking chances in life. This is the mentality of our human world also…climb all over each others faces…just hoping that someone will notice our divine uniqueness…and hopefully not eat us up…when we do something…which to their eyes is wrong.
"Ill believe anything you'll tell me…just eat him…not me".
Of course the vast majority of humans are sane balanced individuals…but the amount of undereducated and basically moronic type of humans seems to be growing faster and faster each and every day.
So I will repeat a well known Japanese saying…that goes something like this.
"The nail that stands out above all the rest…is the one to get hit first"
People need others to direct their own inner frustration at…it has always been like this…but it’s unnatural and reflects a deep…inner…subconscious insecurity and loneliness. This is an unconscious knowing that we as a race are disconnected from the power-source…and desperately need to find a way to quickly re-connect to the source of all.
The Great-Spirit.
This is exactly what is wrong…we have been bred for too long to be materialistic and Godless…and we have forget that we are basically in our most true but forgotten multi-dimensional state…"angels"…who have absolute control of creating our own realities.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
Because those who mind don’t matter,
And those who matter don't mind.
(Dr Seuss)

Organized religion is the greatest example of this self-denial and disconnectedness.
We have these greedy…money and guilt based institutions in our world… that were conceived of way back in the ancient world when men had no concept of the workings of the universe and nature…that through their rough 2000-3000 year history…have stolen…murdered…divided….deceived…tortured…mistranslated…warred…covered-up…and spread hatred and fear throughout their backward male-dominated and aggressive legacy’s…who still…in our modern day….have the minds and gaping mouths of millions of modern people hooked with false sin… and fearing their inevitable death. These organizations through their rather dubious middle-men…control the minds of the masses…by telling them that this is the only life there is…and that the only way they can make it to a better place…is by purifying their souls by believing exactly what they say without question…and by giving more money than the last person…so as to secure their space in a non-provable Heaven.
And again breathe!
Again…this is the climbing over another’s face to get recognition. The good people…who follow these concepts…quite conveniently brush all of the extreme horror of the past centuries under the carpet…and just pretend its not there…and then they wonder why other good people don’t want anything to do with their belief systems.
In my opinion…this mentality is the absolute scourge of humanity.
Someone please explain this Bible verse for me…as I don’t want to laugh… as I might be sick at the same time.

I personally have lost the fear of what people think of me…I was cured of this individual mind-sickness a lot of years ago in this present life…when I endured a rather disturbing experience…which was no-ones fault but my own. It was in this time…that I realized that there is no point in worrying about what people think of you…because in reality…they are going to think what they want anyway…whether you know they are thinking it…or not. It’s just like the fashion obsessed. These people and kids who spend their whole wage slip on the most expensive gear…just so they can look like a shit celebrity or film-star…these women…who would actually starve themselves to look like some known-face…self-confessed…talent-less junkie scregg. Do these people really think strangers in the street give a shit about them and how they look…don’t they realize these strangers are doing exactly the same…and are wanting their recognition at the same time…and that they are not interested in anyone else’s insecurities…as they have plenty of their own? Where has the expression of human uniqueness disappeared to…who is it that is forcing these images of banality and stereotypes in front of the faces of the impressionable children? People have other stuff going on in their lives…they are not sitting at home thinking back to seeing you today in the market…and how cool you stood smoking beside that expensive shop label.

There is actually no real need for genetic cloning…as corporate advertising is just as effective in producing a human hive-mind mentality of clone-like…conforming non thinkers. They say clothes make the man…and of course it good to look smart and clean…but to a person who recognizes themselves for the most part as a multi-dimensional being…self integrity… and conscious "evolution of the soul" is what makes the man or woman.
(He said it again!)
(He said multi-dimensional being)
(But what does he mean?)
I'm sure…for some people to hear me call myself a multi-dimensional being…may spin certain folks out…and make many start to doubt my sanity. But they shouldn't forget…that I'm not a naive child…and they surely have to take into account that I haven't experienced life and reality in exactly the same way as they have…as I have went out of my way in the last few years…to visit some incredibly strange and out of place destinations on the planet. For no two people…not even twins…not even clones can possibly live the same experiences…its impossible…as there is not one being in the known universe that doesn’t create its very own unique reality. (See “Part 3”).That’s why I just want to put as many minds at rest here that I can…before we proceed any further. So don't fret…as this book is written in the spirit of absolute positive intention…without any deliberate conscious malice in any way…as I really do see our work as a kind of self help book.
Of some sort…as it’s certainly not going to be for everyone…and may even turn a lot of folk’s perceived world’s upside-down…and contort them into gibbering idiots.
Look out…
Here he comes…
Here comes the
With his own example of gibbering idiots.

(But you said!)




Like I said…make want you want of the
As I'm just the messenger…so put your crossbows away.



Where were we?

The personal affect on…and interest to every individual reading this book will become obvious…as I certainly wont be leading anybody by the flipper while they read…as the book just isn't structured to be experienced… interpreted…or read from front to back like normal. As there are 500 dimensional doorways within the on-going script…and hundreds more linked to those…that you can casually knock on anytime you fancy changing your route within the book.
So hang on…and ill walk you through it.
You will see!
But that’s later.
Most people reading our book…on the other hand…will be strangers…having of course never met me…the humanoid…and primate…carnal…amphibious…physical essence that I am…and interact through within this dense 3rd dimension. They are just going to picture whoever and whatever image of me …or the
…that comes into their head… and hopefully just go with the flow…not taking it all too seriously …and simply enjoy the contents and the read. But when it comes to the bizarre topics and theories within the
Writing...just know…that really…I am utterly serious…or I just simply couldn't have had the will or the drive to complete such a personal work. I do hope that if anything…this crazy trip which I am about to post you on… on the most part…is highly positive…enlightening and entertaining…and that you do go away with at least a mild vibration around the 3rd eye or heart-chakra area. In fact…this book started off as a way to remember important and darn-right head twisting information I happened to be reading in many other authors amazing works. For I can remember so clearly how affected I was by one book when I was about 17…which seemingly had proof from newly discovered parts of the Bible that were ostracized…hidden and suppressed…that the real Jesus “Yeshua”… was just a mortal man…although incredibly special…and may even have had a family.
That spun me out big-time…as I had always been brought up to never question the Bible as it was believed to be a serious sin…and if I was to believe and be a good Christian boy…then I had to accept the whole Bible as the infallible word of God…with no mistakes…exactly as it was dictated to certain high spiritual human prophets…who were chosen for the job centuries before…for their depth of obedience and faith.
This was 17 years ago…and I just couldn't stop reading after that incredibly revealing…and professionally published…consciousness altering experience. I had from that moment on become a human sponge…for sometimes I was easily devouring many books at the one time. Up to this point in my life…I had hardly read anything…but now I had found my hobby.
I had been brought up…in this life…regularly attending a Protestant Christian church in Northern Ireland…and had personally seen a lot of bad stuff on the streets of Belfas…in real life and on TV. But I knew even then…as a frightened confused kid…that something was very wrong with the whole scenario…when I couldn't work out what side "Jesus" was supposed to be on in the war. Was it Protestants…or was it the Catholics…as they are of course all supposed Christians…who were both fighting for the recognition of the same God. The final straw was being told that dinosaurs didn't exist…as the "Creationists" believed the world was only a few thousand years old…and yet I had the rubber toys and had seen the bones in the museum.
The earlier “Santa and tooth fairy's don't exist” revelations…were disturbing enough to me as a small child…and I suppose you could say it was around this time that I lost my faith in faith…and so-called blind belief…as I basically thought in my child-mind that I was being lied to. Of course…I didn't know back then that I was wrong…and that there were millions of people in the world keeping their mouths shut in fear…not daring to question…if maybe the understandings of these texts might just be a little bit off…but thinking back …I couldn't have completed anything like this book…if I hadn't had Christianity and the Bibles teachings… shoved down my throat as a child.
So I can only be grateful now…of which I sincerely am.
This to me is confirmation that the reincarnation concept…of how we choose our specific life situations to incarnate into…is maybe correct after all. I can’t just take
Dr Mu's
word for everything…though he is usually correct.
And so in the following years my book obsession had grown to such a degree…that my brain was totally overloaded with such varying types of cosmic and esoteric information…that when I tried to communicate it to people…just came out as a mess…and sounded like utter nonsense. Or as they say in Ireland…
The reality…or 3d template…which everyone around me was seemingly living and perceiving together…and which I also experienced growing up…was slowly eroding away in my buzzing and spiraling sight.
But of course something had to give.
So let’s fast forward 10 years.
For whilst on a trip to Egypt in 2002 for the second time…I met this amazing German lady called Rosa Keller …or Hadra…as the Egyptians named her…who was an actress…artist and spiritual Reiki master…and we were lucky to spend 2 weeks together…whilst I wrote and filled a note pad with crazy spiritual information…that she daily dictated to me…which literally blew my head off…as I desperately tried to grasp the reality…of alternative…higher…and hidden…multi-dimensional…psychedelic…cosmic reality. I had already known quite a bit about different worlds and colored realities…as in my 20's I had lived in Holland…and had extensively experimented with hallucinogenic drugs…being mushrooms and L.S.D…I'm not condoning drugs of course.
I had seen other frequencies of reality…other indescribable worlds of strange…unimaginable…and sometimes frightening creatures…and new electrifying colors and tracers…at the same time as learning so much…and I instinctively knew that it wasn't just the effect of a little pill…fungi…or piece of blotting paper doing this to me. It was just…that they were the correct cocktails of trigger chemicals…used to force my brain to release my pineal-glands own higher-consciousness hormones…that were already there within my grey matter…lying dormant for many sleeping lifetimes.
These are the kind of realizations you have on these drugs…along with turning into plants who have big black spider eyes…meeting the pixies…mind reading and talking to cows etc.
Yes! Yes!
I know what you mean.
Just chew your cud mate and try not to think about it.
There…that’s better now…isn’t it son?
No worries mate.
Instinctively I knew that these worlds hadn't been created purely with my mind and the drug…but that they were always there hiding as other planes of reality…flickering just to the left of my vision…just waiting to be re-discovered…manifested…and leapt head first into. Many years later I would find out…that this is how reality manifests instantly in the coming and unfolding 4th dimension…so remember to look this up in "Part 2" of the book. I wish I had known and understood these concepts of…
“Watching what you wish for, as it just might happen”…
many years before…as it would have saved me from creating my very own living-hell nightmare with my negative and mixed-up thoughts. But no matter how much I was learning…I was still torn between this freedom of inner spiritual self-awareness…and the guilt of my intense hell-fire and damnation…religious conditioning from my childhood. And so I started to push the boundaries of experimentation…as far as my drug consumption was concerned… I’m not condoning the use of drugs of course…
but I wanted to see how high and how deep inside myself I could really go… without actually going too far…and having my brain go
I wanted to challenge the reality of the religious God experience…I just wanted proof that it wasn't all crap…and that it was just misunderstood. And so I asked out loud…I challenged the Universal God to reveal itself to me…in a way that was beneficial to my soul’s level of understanding…and personal evolution. I literally asked this out loud…and into a mirror looking right at myself.
(Still not condoning)
And then it happened.
Oh dear!
My reality in the following weeks started to crumble…everything I put my hand to…everything I said turned to extremely disturbing chain-reactions of self-created bad luck. My relationship with my family and friends in my mind at this time…wasn't important anymore…this is a great regret of mine now…and I basically went consciously
into a hell-world of my own making…and turned distressingly paranoid. Looking back now…I can see…that whatever Wild West saloon doors I had recklessly kicked open in my mind…were flapping violently in the whirling winds of The Wizard of Oz tornado. But I'm also glad now thinking back while I write this…that not all the Munchkins and flying monkeys went back home to Oz…for some of them have stayed with me to assist me in holding these doors open…giving me access to the alternative… psychedelic D.M.T world of silence in my mind…anytime I wish.

But anyway!
My only way to escape the intense…overbearing and self-manifested dark environment of Holland at this time…was to try to sort my head out…by going to Egypt for two months…as at that point in my spiritual journey…I just had to see and experience something incredible and otherworldly for myself with my own eyes…rather than just reading more books…I had to see something like the star gate-pyramid at Giza…and hopefully to gaze at…and climb Gods supposedly holy mount Sinai. But due to my failing mental state…I ended up…not getting the plane back home…and instead… crossing the border into Israel…and staying in the Holy Lands for the next 6 months…drinking lots of cheap alcohol…which seemed to help tone-down and numb my growing insanity.
I'm not (not) condoning alcohol of course…even though it does destroy 10 times as many lives than all drugs together.
OH! But it’s legal…so I guess that’s ok then.
This is where I heard about a very special place in the Sinai mountains… which I didn't get a chance to go to at that time…its name and description was ingrained in my mind for years…and little did I know then…but it would be 4 years later that this paranoid and overloaded state of mind would finally subside…and I would meet the person to tell me something about my supposed present life path. If I can call it that…without sounding too
I now understand…that the God-consciousness that is within all of us…is neutral energy…neutral consciousness…and that it can be used for good or gain…presenting itself as either good or evil…depending on the lesson the individual needs for their souls karmic evolution at that time.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Its just that I happened to get the extreme bad end of the shitty stick…as I will never forget seeing…and talking to many ghosts in my Holland house… and seeing a human with green vertical eye pupils…just sitting on my sofa looking at me snarling.
And the rest.
But my real lesson was…that I had to experience the extreme dark-side of my mind and consciousness…before I could recognize the real identity of what the light was.
It was like a 4 year long exorcism.
Which I still look back on and go.
Strangely enough.
And so we spiral forward in linear time now 4 years to meeting Hadra again in the Sinai Mountains…just exactly as I was meant to.
This is where it all gets very weird.
I didn’t even get to light my rollie for feck's sake.
What the feck am I doing smoking anyway?
I used to write kneeling with the notepad placed on the ground…and Hadra came to meet me one morning like she always did for breakfast…but this time she said she had an intuition or vision in her meditation…about who I was in a previous lifetime.
I was wide-eyed…and ignorantly intrigued.
For she said she saw me in ancient Egypt…where I worked as a writer for a Pharaoh Queen…as a freeman…not a slave…recording history onto papyrus paper.
She said that because of this…that I should write a book to get everything out of my brain onto paper…and that I should start writing now… with all the new information that she was passing on to me.
This was in January 2002…just after the manufactured lie and controlled explosion tragedy of 911…and there was no one visiting Egypt due to the security risk…which was a great lie anyway.…for I only met her the whole time…albeit through many coincidental events…so you can imagine what I'm thinking at this point…as I wasn't even sure about the so-called concept of reincarnation at the time. I now have no doubt that its a real concept…but in my mind…its certainly not the whole secret…or the be-all end-all of what comes after physical death…since everything else in the universe is a never ending cycling spiral of ever evolving awareness…death…re-birth and possibility.
We just have to remember how to create it physically with our minds.
Someone explained it to me…and now I’m just passing on what I know.
As you do.
(See Part 3)

I just wish they had kept this concept in the New Test-amen-t Bible at the "Council of Nicea"…along with the understandings of “karma”…like the great man wanted…for we would surely have a lot less scared…and fanatically crazy…bigoted and violent religious nutters in the world…if they knew that "Jesus" actually took these… “many physical lives”…concepts from "Buddhism"…on his travels around India in his lost years…and taught them in the Middle East.
But the reality of "Jesus" is a whole other story…and we will go there later.
And anyway!
Why the heck are we in the modern 21st century world…being forced to follow…most obvious…heavily mistranslated belief systems from over 2000 years ago anyway…from a time when everyday normal people had no concept whatsoever of science…and thought every tornado…flood…plague…volcano…comet…and earthquake was God? We now know these things were just nature…and we are now landing probes on Mars for Gods sake…and we have had men walk on the moon
(I hope)… we are way way past Darwinism and Creationism…way way way past their primitive and superseded world concepts. We didn’t evolve from apes because apes still exist…and they cannot breed between species either like humans can…for how many apes do you see with tails in the wild? Don’t you know thousands of humans are born with little tails every year which quickly get cut off by the surgeons? And where are the short necked giraffes? And Adam and Eve were not the first and only people on earth…for who did their sons marry…to create all the different blood-types among humans today…and why would the creator of all…base the 7 day creation of the universe…around the 7 day weekly cycle of a little blue planet…that hadn’t even been created as of yet? Discovering that earth orbited the sun really screwed this idea up…but millions of people are just too scared to admit that these beliefs are utter nonsense…and they haven’t bothered their arse either…to look into other beliefs…and decide for themselves whether they make more sense or not. No wonder they just accept them blindly as gospel…for they have no other concept to compare with…and this is just bloody laziness…and of course indoctrinated fear.
I wonder why the Bible only talks about the earth…and in turn doesn’t even talk about South America…or other…provable for that time…populated areas of the world that had more advanced civilizations?
Could an answer be…that the Bible was compiled by primitive men from the Middle East…who had no concept of anything outside of their little worlds?
These religions were relevant only to their own particular day…historical time…and understanding of the world when they were formed…but I must stress…that many important concepts within them…are still of course relevant today…if only the endless bickering sides would put their heads together… to compliment one another’s similarities and uniqueness’s. But unfortunately…they are all stuck in their own individual and delusional time-warps…for all have basically dismissed every advanced discovery about the world we have made thereafter…and that’s obviously no more than pure…blatant idiocy. Where are the records of the building of the unbelievable pyramids…and where are the records of the pyramids themselves?
Stop and think about this…at stop acting like sheep.
Stop blinding following the other scared sheep in front.
Shave your wool of indoctrination off.
Or for sure you will end up as a lamb chop.
You bloody sheep.


I nearly let the
Out just then.
But it’s not his time just yet
So as I said…we are way way way past their times…we are not even in the same place in space as they were…as we are indeed orbiting the central star of our galaxy known as Alcyone.
As Mr Skinner from the band “The Streets” says
“Let’s push things forward”.
I'm pretty sure that Hadra's daily Reiki treatments and initiations…which she so kindly conducted on me…had some lasting cleansing affect on my negative consciousness at that time…as some of the glass doors she had slowly creaked opened and wiped clean in my minds-eye…were now shining photonic light energy through their prisms of multi-colored stained glass…rather than my old skelf-ridden saloon doors…swinging wildly and banging with Munchkins and flying monkeys.
Oh yeah!
I already told you about the Munchkins didn't I?
Oh Dear!
Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.
Ah Well!
That’s the past…and this is the ever-evolving present.
So no need to mention them again.
No more yellow brick road…the Wizard was a big feckin fake anyway.
Follow the Yellow Brick....


No No
Not now
Not just yet.

But I had always been fascinated as a kid…by Egypt and the pyramids like so many people are…as I later remembered some odd Egyptian oddities owned when I was a young…and that I would always pester my parents as a small child…to take me to the two stone lions at the far end of a large public park in Belfast.
Was this a past suppressed Sphinx memory?
Many people will think that’s just crap…but I suggest that maybe they are operating predominantly…from their left side of the brains.
I still seem to be attracting and manifesting Egyptian things in my life…and have been attracted to going there numerous times…and at present planning to visit again. My whole life now works with hunches… coincidence…opportunity and intuition. Many years later while living in Scotland I went way up north to where the dolphins come into a bay and took part in the "Flower of Life"
workshop where I learnt to activate my Mer-Ka-Ba light vehicle around my body. There was a lovely lady taking the course called "Anne Ward" and she commented on how I was just naturally doing part of the meditation positions without her telling me. I later found out that the certain head-cocked position was used in the "Mystery schools" of ancient Egypt…and would only be known to someone familiar with what the position induced .It was then that I had an intuition that I was a female initiate back in that time of Egypt and actually knew Anne from then. But who knows…I certainly like to think these things are significant and I know to a "left-brained" thinker reading this…that I’m a fool…but I deliberately said "left-brained" (look up in "Part2"). It’s strange you remember the silly little things…and they are just 3 of many. But eventually I sadly had to say goodbye to Hadra…after watching a two day meteorite storm which was just pure incredible and somewhat scary at times…and my brain was forever different and running at hyper-speed. I had had my workings oiled and was running smooth again but still I just couldn't imagine myself writing a bloody book. I had even forgotten how to write joint-up from school. Later I would realize why we watched this meteorite storm…and this revelation is a main theme of the book. I didn't know then but I would see Hadra again in Germany after some more amazing coincidences concerning my friend…and Indigo-Kid “Michi”. So eventually I flew back to London bought a new notepad and on my hostel be…I just automatically started to write in rhyme…and wrote “The Principal Fascination” which told the story of how “The Great Pyramid” is aligned to the constellation of Orion at the date of 10,500BC. I put around 200 rhymes on a self-publishing website online and received many mixed comments…many were abusive as I was challenging peoples belief systems and versions of so-called reality…but others were very positive and I realized they were having the desired affect…by making people discuss topics that on the most part…existed outside of their daily 9-5 reality grind. Then later I wrote a 5 part rhyme called "Iraq Attack" relaying how the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks were set-ups…and in no time countless people were commenting on it and even arguing amongst themselves as many folks were also agreeing with my view. It was from this response that I realized I had somehow just out of nowhere invented a new talent and that I could actually trigger people to think and look at alternative opinions which just might contain elements of the truth. And so I have included all of the "Iraq Attack" comments and reviews at the back of the book for all the readers to marvel at. Writing rhymes came very easy to me actually and my new hobby started to be a lot of fun…and 6 years and hundreds of books read later…mixed with traveling to some spirituality powerful destinations around the world…my hobby evolved into this self-published book which is actually 2 books put together…as I had to write “Part 2” to explain “Part 1” which was written by the
after being in many other incomplete… unpublished book forms which I just gave away to close friends.
I don't exactly call what the
does poetry…and this is most certainly NOT! A poetry book…but from what I understand…rhyme is a form of poetry so I guess poetry is what it is.
But I think he prefers to call what he does
“Rhyming rants”.
But shhhh!
Don’t encourage him to butt-in right now…I’m happy that he’s taking a back seat at this time…as he can be like a disturbed puppy.
So folks…make whatever the hell you want of my story…but it is exactly what happened and it is what woke me up and pushed me on to complete this project to the best of my ability…and I can honestly say that I am utterly consumed by putting this together for other people to read. So consider this an extreme crash course into my understanding of this amazing physical and ethereal world we happen to all inhabit at this incredibly special time in our evolution.
In fact…there is no other time in the millions of years of humanities hidden history that is more important than right now as we wind up to 2012 and into the perceived timeless void beyond.
This work is kind-of like a little ejector seat that once you press the button and shoot off and up…that its actually impossible to ever come back down to the ground in a fully skeptical-parachute and be in the same place physically or consciously.
That’s why I put the
On the back of the book.
When I talk about being multiple people and different "beings" in the book…I'm just having a bit of light fun and just talking about different aspects of my multi-dimensional self…so don't take it so seriously…as we are all the same…its just that billions of us have forgotten and for too long we have let the Dark-Lords tell us that we are no more than shit. For surely you don't think that an actor who takes on a character and gets completely absorbed into the world and personality of that fictitious character and lives it…thinks he actually is the character?
Do you?
Oh boy!
You do?
Oh! Well,
I'm sorry…maybe you do.
Do forgive me.
That’s Good…because if you are one of those people who follow these famous celebrity people as if they are gods…then you…and your mediocrity obsessed tribe will get the most benefit from reading and digesting some of what is inside these pages…for I would class you at
Well, let’s see,
As a…
Dum De Dum!
As a class A within my table of
“How Asleep Are The Feckin Sleepers”?
So don't forget this…as of course I don't think I'm actually
Dr Mu.
Don't be silly…I’m just having fun!
Or do I?
I was slapping myself just then.
Hey! Hey!
Or maybe I was slapping
Dr Mu.
The many slaps that follow in the book I’m sure…will also be justified by the
but they won’t be across my amphibian face.
For we are all multi-dimensional and fantastically powerful beings…we have just been told by the so-called orthodox institutions that we are nothing special. Mainstream science is saying we are no more than physical and a piece of fungi or a red-assed chimp and that there’s nothing provable…just nothing but blackness before and after death (encouraging) and its knit-picking pal orthodox religion tells us we are filthy sinners who will burn in hell unless we fear our own higher intuition when it talks to us…and that we must call it the Devil.
(Oh! Thank-you Lord).
So…as the Australians say.
”What a crock of shit mate”
Or is it the Kiwi's?
I hope you will notice that
Dr Mu
has tried to add humor into the rhymes to soften up some of the more disturbing theories he puts forward…so I hope you have a laugh also… because too many people take life too seriously and don't realize…as the genius “Bill Hicks” says
“It’s just a ride…and you can change it any time you want…it’s just a choice between fear and love”.
You just have to gain control again of how you edit what goes into your subconscious.
You may ask me what I actually believe in…as the topics in the book certainly cover some ground…and I would have to honestly answer…that I don't really believe in anything…but I most certainly know what I know. For I have learnt…seen and participated in some incredible things on my travels that I have never even told people about.
So I ask you a question to clear this confusion up.
Here we go.
“Do you “believe” your parents are your parents…or do you “know” they are”?
That’s what I mean by not believing in anything.
Why should I believe improvable stuff…when I can know sack full’s of other more interesting stuff?
I'm just not prepared to sit with my fingers crossed hoping and hoping one of the many thousand invisible religious Gods are coming to save me…as they haven't exactly done much to save their own stock up till now…and I have got bored waiting for E.T to call me back.
Maybe he tried…but only has one of those round dial phones from the 80's…and his fingers are too big or something.
What an ass-face…lying wrinkly fecker!
"Never trust a being with a big red glowing appendage and long neck"
As the
found out on Pluto one time.
The least said about that experience the better.
Its just that I've decided to try to do something about the state of the most obviously sedated…distracted…tuned down…semi-conscious…lost…schizophrenic…Godless…present human condition…for its going to destroy us if we don’t try to change it.
We are all only a few years away from being micro-chipped like a bag of peas.
But how can people understand how dangerous this idea could be to our individual consciousnesses…if folks are actually looking forward to it.
Oh! It’s so easy paying for my face-lift with my mobile phone.


Wow! Wow!
Back into your box.
It’s nearly your time again.
So just chill.

And so within the many pages of the
"rhyming rants" in “Part 1”…you will notice countless words or phrases… 500 exactly…(enclosed in brackets). These are simply topics that not all readers may be familiar with due to their suppressed…secret…historical… religious…mythical…symbolic or cosmic orientation. This is why I had to write a second book by myself with full explanations and textual proof which is now "Part 2"…as most of what the
is communicating within the rhyming rants…will certainly not be easily understood by all. So "Part 2" is written by myself while "Part 1" is from the pen and webbed hand of the
If you proceed to "Part 2"…you can find these 500 dimensional doorways that I mentioned earlier…in alphabetical order…each with an explanation… but which can be expanded upon at my on-line “blog”
by you the individual taking the time away from the precious electric-dictator TV…to watch some of the many amazing videos at my books twin site.

You will also notice that throughout the rhymes in “Part1”…there are other words or phrases in CAPITALS. These are used to insert breaks into the text…as originally all of the rhymes were separate pieces…but where dissected and put back together with others which were more relevant to their overall and individual topic. You will notice this as a subtle change of pace to the flow of the rhymes. The CAPITALS are also used to show a conversation between the
and someone…two other individuals or just to enhance a sentence into a rant or shout. Please refer back and forwards between the two half's of the book while you are reading…as this will help explain the
stories as they go along…and please use the light italic underlined text in the A-Z explanations in “Part 2” to jump back and forward between the 1000's of dimensional doorways within the 500 A-Z’s. This will give you a broader view…and is designed to function by itself…but also as part of the first main rhyming part of the book.
So as a recap there are just 3 things.

1.--------------------------(bracketed words or phrases)- from rhymes in “Part1”
=Look up in "Part 2" for their explanation in the 500 A-Z list.

2.--------------------------BOLD TEXT -within the rhymes in “Part 1”
=To show a conversation between 2 characters…break up the rhyme text…or to enhance a rant or shout.

3.------------------------------light italic underlined text -in “Part 2”
=To jump between the 500 A-Z phrases. These are the dimensional doorways that make it difficult to read the book the same way twice.

See easy!

When the
refers to “Shamans” he is talking about every human on the planet…not just about medicine men…as each individual has within them the secrets to creating and manifesting their very own physical “heaven-reality” purely by affirmation…belief and positive thought.
Yes…it’s that easy.
As heaven and hell are states of mind…and so are the concepts of Good and bad…
God and Satan.
They are not beings; they are aspects of our (look this up at back) yin-yang consciousness.
Nothing is outside of us…it’s all happening inside…and I mean everything.
Don't let any group ever tell you that we are separate to the God-essence which is the universe…and that a God is just waiting for his cue…watching the slaughter and genocide of his amazing creations as he bides his time on a cloud…spinning a yo-yo. Armageddon has been happening for many centuries since the time of the Sumerians...look up at back…it is a battle of consciousness…a war on positive self-creation. Certain toxic types on the immediate planet want to keep humans in a comatose state to be used as no more than a form of sustenance…or a battery; some humans may be happy with that…as their bank accounts fill up for selling their souls and doing the dirty work…but many like myself through an entity like the
have awakened and we're pissed off.
Within our worlds holy books and ancient tablets are some very strange texts about “gods” coming down to our planet or “angels falling to earth from Heaven and interfering with human evolution either sexually…or as many have proposed “genetically”…and its obvious to me that we humans are seriously schizophrenic and confused beings as how can soldiers or murderers go out and kill…then come straight home and kiss their wives and babies. Of course that’s the most extreme example…but you must know what I mean…as you witness the immense variety of unstable human emotions in yourself and others throughout the day. How can half the world starve while the other half of stupid…greedy ignorant bastards watch them on a 50inch TV with surround sound?
Its insanity.
And it’s clear to see our technological advancement is far in advance of our much needed spiritual advancement. It’s the planet that’s feeling our un-consciousness the most…as we are literally chopping down the tree beside the crocodile pit that we hang our hammock on. So did something happen to us…were we helped along as a race or were we even quite possibly held back at times like now? We humans think we are so great….as we compare ourselves to the beasts and the amazingly advanced dolphins and whales….which we still kill indiscriminately and unconsciously…
And we think that because they can’t wire a plug that we are their superiors in every way.
They have sonar…we have Springer!
Go on to watch the "painting elephant" and see the amazing paintings of the turtle called "Hoopa"…and watch how the Bonobo chimps communicate with humans through an advanced computer set-up…and see the talking parrots and the scuba-diving cats and dogs. Yes it might sound funny and ridiculous, but we are not the only…able to learn…intelligent beings on this planet. Many people thinks dogs don’t have a soul…but maybe they have never watched them dream. The
is not even sure we should be classed as intelligent…as we are so self destructive.
Our planetary wastage and blatant genocide of its plant and animal life…is far far far far from any type of recognizable intelligent behavior. Most people don’t even believe there is a connection between violent video games and gangs of killer kids…because the law says its not so.
Who do parents think allows these images to be placed in front of teenagers…who do they think is softening the laws to protect criminals… whilst punishing the innocent?
They do not represent the people and they certainly have no love for us and our families.
I have had enough of being stuck here in this false re-incarnation loop of the 3rd dimension…I am sick of having to start all over again being a stone-age…hunter-gatherer…smelly-beardy person finding the great temple graveyards all over the planet…thinking the gods built them and scratching my arse…blankly gazing at the scraps of what was left of the previous earths granite technology and knowledge. Believe me I know how strange this sounds
We all as a planet and one human race have a chance to break the dark-lords spell of sleep.
When the
talks about the “Sleepers” he is firstly referring to the Goddess/earth which is re-awakening at this time and can be felt by all as climate change… time going faster…magnetic memory-loss and people going psycho…and if you still haven't worked it out yet that global-warming is most certainly caused by the sun changing and going through evolution of its own…then I know where your time has been spent.
Where’s that feckin remote?
Skin cancer is also rising fast.
For it’s the return of the
The son!
We are most certainly speeding the conditions of climate-change up and destroying the planet with our indoctrinated and distracted consumer greed…but all the planets in our solar-system are warming up and becoming brighter…and the poles on Mars and others are melting just like here. Its just a cycle…the madness will pass and the ice will eventually creep back. The so-called enlightening daily news…is no more than a negative…condensed…compacted version of events with all the positive world aspects of life edited out and binned. We are creating a whole world picture of reality from the manufactured horror picture beamed into our eyes…filtered and edited by the brain…mixed with our fears and insecurities and stored as negative thought energy in the subconscious. So stop watching bullshit on Tv and look into these concepts of reality creation…See Part 3…and get out of the city for a while to look at the stars…for I'm sure many reading this have even forgot about these billions of suns up there with their multi-billion planetary systems…and that we “amphibious beings” dwell on a ball of living water…which is more truthfully, an aquarium.

Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second,
So it's reckoned,
A sun that is the source of all our power.
The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour,
Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'.
Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars.
It's a hundred thousand light years side to side.
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick,
But out by us, it's just three thousand light years wide.
We're thirty thousand light years from galactic central point.
We go 'round every two hundred million years,
And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universe.
The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whizz
As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know,
Twelve million miles a minute, and that's the fastest speed there is.
So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure,
How amazingly unlikely is your birth,
And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.
Galaxy Song Lyrics
Monty Python
Album: The Meaning Of Life

refers to the distracted masses all over the planet who need to wake up quick…before our world turns into a 21st century version of Nazi Germany…with the only terrifying difference being…that this time around we will all have a feckin micro-chip inside us controlling our money…and our electromagnetic choices and emotions.
How many of you have heard about the new Americano super-continent money plan?
Only a handful…I bet.
We are being ruled with fear and stress by some very nefarious and evil groups…but it is us who are letting them…through our lethargy…so lets turn it around as there is still so much time to do this…as they are behind schedule and starting to panic…as their masks are slipping. When the positive change happens it happens in a second. But don't let what I just said make you think that you have plenty of time…as right now you may be trying to get on the property ladder for next year.
You can do that to…but you also have to at least try to change and raise your consciousness now to see what these blatantly dark groups are doing to millions of people all across the planet.
But how?
It’s so simple.
Just control what you let into your mind and your sub-consciousness…as this storage of emotional experience…images and beliefs is what holograpiclly creates your reality and your immediate world. For there is a virus is within our homes…and it lives in a big square thing…I forget its name but you can’t miss it. The virus is also on every billboard in the street…it is in your children’s school…and it is on the most part subliminal. It is the version of reality being fed to everyone…it is the so-called modern world and history that we cannot escape as it has taken hold of every possible human act in our lives. It has been let loose…it is fined tuned and it is killing us. It is all the rubbish in our heads that we believe is our own thoughts…beliefs and choices. But whose themes are we following? Who told you that you are not as successful as your neighbours because they have the next higher model of car or fancier kitchen? And who is it that repetitively convinces you that you need to upgrade your phone twice a year so that you can be seen being
Sooo! Coool!
In the shopping mall.

Hang on…the
wants to say a few words.

Stop watching sick programs...of hospital gore...stop watching police vids...they're not your Lords...they're just the law...stop watching...low intelligence...
pointless soap-operas...stop chasing false fame...don't be a clone of a character...
stop watching the it's faked dumb aggression... and stop watching horrors...don’t fill your mind with apprehension
stop watching steel balls...of their propaganda lies...which they call the daily news... don't watch the corpses...shield your eyes...try taking a trip...see a 3rd world country...see extremes of injustice...see extreme natural beauty...try experiencing life... try living through your heart...this may not seem quite ideal... but heed this rhyme.
For it’s a start.

Thanks for that.
He’s away again.
By the way... the from the Old English word "licgan" meaning to lie.

This is happening people…this is not some conspiracy theory from some flares-wearing 70's…hippy sci-fi…for a hell-earth will most definitely come to be unless people take control of their realities and stop letting the dark-ones fill our sub-consciousnesses with constant horror…gore and banal celebrity Hollywood-idiot-box…bling-bling…fame and bad-boy vanity obsessions. But don't worry…as it’s not going to happen…because the
says something amazing is about to take place…which you are consciously or unconsciously going to part of.
Aren't you?

Something incredibly spiritual…light…good…and long overdue is about to manifest in this world…and to start this chain reaction…all you have to do is read this book…or not…and take your little bit from it…and of course search for other authors work like it…for I most certainly don't have anywhere near all the answers…and the
has done his bit.
I am no expert…I have never claimed to be… but I do know a hell of a lot about certain subjects…which may or may not fly way over most people’s heads.
We have to know where we came from to know how we got into this present mess and where we could easily end up if we allow ourselves to be sleep-walked hand in claw down this hell road. I have just tried to do something somewhat unique here…I just want to waken people up by engaging them from a different height and angle…I’m not interested in telling anyone what to think or believe, that piece is up to the individual…that is their last line of defense as they have the power to edit the information streams…but no one seems to use this power to protect their most precious asset which is their mind. So try to see the book also as a form of art…as a personal biographical expression of the inside of my head. For it is indeed partly biographical but not necessarily written about my present life.
Most of the chaos in the world is being manufactured deliberately, and we are being fed constant lies about who is actually doing it…it is quickening every day as the dark-ones dark agenda…is now becoming obvious and they want to have complete control through micro-chips …before humans see their true gruesome identities.
And I mean that literally.
Still…as I said…it’s your choice.

What sound do you think he may be talking about?
The secret word…of which only a man can pronounce.
The Language of Love?
It’s just a thought.
So try to understand this concept through the “right side of your brain”, not the left.
(Look this up at back)

I personally know from being in my 30’s…that the modern society which I was born into had a TV set planted in front of me before my infant eyes had fully focused yet…and this Oh! So glorious invention became one of my main portals to how I perceived the outside world…the others being my education and my friends and family…who were also born into the same TV world as myself. And that’s great…because how else could we all get by in this life…without having others to gossip to about the latest bed hopping scandal…in the latest episode of a mind numbingly pointless reality TV muck show?
Eventually we all have to leave the loving and protective confines of the home roost…and unless we fly on and up to pursue further education or climb the corporate soul-selling popularity ladder…we will inevitably shed some of schools indoctrinations…and partly free ourselves and our minds of our parents and teachers holds…by soaring out into the big wide world to continue on with our adult life experience.
But hold on.
That latest thin screen…surround sound…huge…digital…top of the range…zone-out experience…would look just lovely in the corner of my lounge…especially with the extra speakers up on the wall and behind for that cinema Hollywood feel.
I bet many TV fans are getting exited just thinking about watching the latest news-flash as some more innocents are blown to bits by the killing-machines latest techno toy.
Here comes the
Slap slap slap! slap! slap!slap slap slap! slap! slap!

Snap out of it you chimp…your acting like a Gimp.
Slap! slap!

Slap! Slap! Slap!
Thank you.
I think you get the
So let’s evolve past this.
There are many good and very powerful light-workers in the world at this time…re-tuning the planets Dragon-lines…(look this up)…back up to a point of high earth frequency…where the man-beasts will be exposed to more light than they will be able to handle…and held accountable for their crimes and sins against humanity. But the light-workers need everyone’s help…as not one single person on the planet is going to miss the end of time light-show. But millions staying asleep…doing nothing…and turning a blind eye in fear will ensure our road to hell. These depraved bloodlines are desperate…they are not like us…and they are incredibly scared of us.
(They have always feared the Dr. and his many "Reality Hosts")
and their deep insecurities will actually be the main thing that brings them down in the end. They are soulless…they are deeply evil but they are the minority.
The switch is soon…so soon.
Its not about fighting with guns…its about releasing the power of our God-consciousness…and mentally changing the world…I know this may all seem a bit far-fetched and fanciful…but that’s only because we don't understand what is real…or what is Disney anymore…as we watch so much crap on the TV…and brush off amazing fringe science revelations…such as the very real “time-travel”…thinking we are hearing about something on Star-trek. Rather than remembering that we still live in a magical world of Giants…(basketball players)…Dragons…(Komodo)…Wizards…(scientists) and little people… (Shanks). Certain films and movies are trying to tell us something…they are not just for entertainment. We as a planet are at this moment in time shifting from 3rd dimensional reality into the 4th…hence people going stir-crazier every day as the earths magnetic field slows down…and gets ready to reverse…where soon there will be no time delay in thought and physical manifestation of matter like we all experience now. This is what we feel as time speeding up every year…we are winding like a D.N.A tightening spring up to a point in the year 2012 when many ancient calendars finish and start their new cycles. It is not the "end of the world"…it is the end of an age of the zodiac and the end of this kind of fascist…slave-cast…world structure where people are being systematically murdered by deliberate population-control through mass starvation…where poisonous vaccines and drugs are pumped into our “Indigo Children” in high doses to make them intellectually dumb…where our food is being genetically meddled with…our water and fizzy drinks are being dosed with intellect suppressing chemicals…such as "fluoride" and "aspartame"…where man-made diseases such as A.I.D's… injected into people in the 3rd world…under the guise of being a cure for some other horror… and where man-made air-born virus's like S.A.R'S target certain racial gene-pools.
These are bio-weapons. Just look at the essential food growing land being taken up to instead grow bio-fuels.
Planetary reduction and population control through deliberate genocidal starvation has already begun.

These poisons are all part of the same plan to keep the human consciousness vibration down at a low…dense…fear-based level so that we cannot create a better reality. These dark people are so filthy with bad negative energy that they are stuck here on the 3rd dimension…they are way too toxic to raise out of this mess and they want us to stay stuck with them as their slaves. The war-induced fear-mindset will hold people back also. But power is knowledge and knowledge is power…and after reading this book you will know what it is you have to do for the very first time in this cycle…as you now have a chance to do something to help raise your personal and earth vibration.
This is where it starts.
I am not professing that I have some magic formula…I’m just passing on what I know and have been taught through being accessed by
Dr Mu.
For hands-on healing does not come from the healer…it comes through them from the life-force of the universe.
We are evolving at super speed in an ever tightening cosmic spiral within the universes D.N.A…and feeling the last push of breath at the end of one of many cycling exhales of the true-light creator…so get ready for the next intake. The “Indigo children” and "Reality Hosts" are here en-mass to teach us how to be human again (look up at the back). So wake up and take responsibility…and stop waiting with fingers crossed to be saved by Batwoman…and let’s get busy manifesting something good in this world for a change. A good start is reading some good news.
Too many people are turning into this kind of character below.

"I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!"
(Homer Simpson)

This is how we are going to bring the projector curtain of this dark world down…and build a new one based on "unity-consciousness" and "free-energy" just like the genius ancients had mastered.
(Look these up at the back).
As I said…in the 4th dimensional state…thoughts manifest instantly…so you better watch what you are thinking as there will be no secrets and you certainly don't want to manifest nightmares. I am a living example of this like many others are…and believe me its hard to stop the growing cloud once you instigate these bad weather-like thought patterns. Surely it must empower you to know…that most of the negative thoughts in your head are not your own…you have absorbed them from all the endless shit of the outside negative world…so just make a conscious decision to monitor and edit whatever goes into you head. This shift is actually already happening because we are part way into the 4th dimension…and the gore from the tell-lie-vision is blackening peoples subconscious…to such an extent…that we are literally keeping this horror reality ticking over…because of the bull-shit we allow these bloodsuckers to beam into ours…and our children's heads.
So what does the
want to say this time?

watching sick programs...of hospital gore...stop watching police vids...they're not your Lords...they're just the law...stop watching...low intelligence...
... Pointless soap-operas...stop chasing false fame...doesn’t be a clone of a character...
stop watching the it's faked dumb aggression... stop watching horrors...don’t fill your mind with apprehension
stop watching steel balls...of their propaganda lies...which they call the daily news...don't watch the corpses...shield your eyes... try taking a trip...see a 3rd world country...see extremes of injustice...see extreme natural beauty...experience living through the heart...this may not seem quite ideal...but heed this rhyme...for its a start.
I might have guessed…I do hope he has more than this to say.
You will probably agree once you read on…that the topics in the book are for the most part multi-dimensional…so I thought the only way to present them is by writing a multi-dimensional book. And I'm sure you might agree once you have a flick through the pages…that it would be quite hard to read the book in exactly the same way twice…as you are encouraged to jump back and forward between the 500 topics…or as the
likes to call them…
“dimensional doorways ”…
I would advise more than one bookmark might be handy.
This was never an openly conscious idea…it just sort of happened like everything else to do with this work…so don't ask me where it comes from…as all I know is that it comes from the
through the right hand side of my brain.
(Look that up at the back).
So…I really don't expect anyone to believe anything I talk about or anything I've written…as I would be the first to agree there are some intensely bizarre things going on…but what I would hope is that all people reading pick just one or two of the topics from the 500 at the back and look into them to see for themselves. You are going to read some very controversial stuff and you may be offended by some of mine and the
I don't care if you like me…
I just want to shock or stir you into a reaction…I simply want you to think… and stop going through life semi-conscious…and unaware of our ever growing prison-world…because before we know it we will all be living in the true life situation of George Orwell's nightmare book 1984.
So make sure you read that also.
If you can spare the time away from the TV.
I'm going to say something now which some people may not understand… and may think I’ve went too far…but they surely will maybe understand aspects of it by the end of the book…(I hope)…and some folks may not want to read the book after I say this as its quite offensive to some adopted belief systems…but that’s not my concern…as I find most organized belief systems personally offensive to my personal wisdom… spiritual freedom and intellect. And honestly I don't care if you read the book or not…as you will get another chance to learn…evolve and ascend this dense dimension in another of your infinite cycling lifetimes…possibly on a different planet.
But the secret that the human race has forgotten is that .And this is me saying this…not
Dr Mu.


You can again make whatever you want of that comment…it’s open to mass interpretation. And anyway…it shouldn't bother anyone who 100% believes what they believe with all their heart…as it’s just an opinion based on my personal experience and years of deep research into some of the most fringe concepts within the "Akashic Record" of the planet earth (look this up in "Part2"). You may understand what I mean a bit better when you read the rest of the book.
And if you think my comments are blasphemous…then it shows you have no concept whatsoever of what humans actually are…and what we are capable of. And the word blasphemy anyway…was made up by the Romans…so that people would be too scared to question their authority on pain of death and hell fire.
So I do not recognize it as anything real…as the concept of hell is a very different thing in my mind…as to what it might be to someone else’s.
We are spiritual beings having a brief human experience.
We have devolved by falling down through the dimensions from the source and in turn lost our memory due to the extreme dense karmic energy here on earth and we need to break out of this heavy trance.
Lets dump this climate of Dark-age scare-mongering right now…where we are presented with every type of gruesome dark image of supposed death…laced with zombies…reapers…demons…pits of fire…tortured souls and babies being eaten…we naturally have D.M.T in our brains…so look this up in Part 2.
So drop this crap and stop worrying about dying and lets jump evolution like we are supposed to at this time in history…at the end of this great "precessional" year…so that we can…if need be…be born again into the new world of the "4th dimension".
(Look these up)
Never did the great Shaman himself ever say he was the
“Son of God”,
Other people said it about him…and questioned him about it.
He always answered by saying.
”Well…if that is what you perceive me to be”.
Or something along those lines.
What he did say…is that he was the
“Son of man”
Which obviously means something entirely different…though I'm not exactly sure what. And anyway the return of the son of God is heavily misunderstood and mistranslated…as what the writers meant…was the return of the
“SUN of God”,
Hence the time of our solar systems evolution and global warming.

The sun "dies" for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th, when it resumes its movement north. In some areas, the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo, and the sun would therefore be "born of a Virgin." The sun is the "Light of the World." The sun "cometh on clouds and every eye shall see him." The sun rising in the morning is the "Savior of mankind." The sun wears a corona, "crown of thorns" or halo. The sun "walks on water." (sun-set).The sun's "followers," "helpers" or "disciples" are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the sun must pass.
The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the "Most High"; thus, "he" begins "his Father's work" at "age" 12. The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the "Sun of God" begins his ministry at "age" 30.
The sun is hung on a cross or "crucified," which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.
(Vexen Crabtree)

So try not to get upset...please don't perceive me as a threat...just indulge in books...and scan the net...and we'll change the world,
You bet.

I knew the
would throw something in there.

The “Ents” have not troubled about the wars of men and wizards for a very long time.
(Treebeard/Lord Of The Rings)

Please check out my “blog” for much needed proof to my stories…where you will find many amazing follow-up videos to the 500 A-Z dimensional explanations at the back. The “blog” is an on-going project as this story is way beyond the scope of one book…so please visit it more than once…to find new revealing and enlightening videos…which will compliment and explain all the seemingly unbelievable aspects within the book…of which there are many. Remember this character the
who you are about to meet properly…is simply my multi-dimensional higher self…whom I met at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt on the summer solstice… just before my 30th birthday while I fell asleep in a doorway of a tomb after lock up…so don't take it all so serious. It’s just an idea I had…I wasn’t trying to say I was possessed. The
may have a different take on this whole situation…as he says I pre-arranged this relationship with him way back 25,000 years ago in Lemuria… and that I have just forgotten due to the incredibly dense 3rd dimensional vibration.
But of course…do take the topics most serious.
As I say again.
So quick…hurry up and get some supplies in…and make sure your sitting comfortably my fellow star babies.
(Actually strap in)
And take the
outstretched flipper…as we dive deep…and slip into the blue green D.N.A. mutating ocean of suppressed Gaian consciousness. I sincerely hope you find something that makes you think somewhat differently about humans…and what it maybe means to be a multi-dimensional being …who has absolute power and say over the creation of your own reality…even if its only for the short intake of a reluctant…disbelieving…or denying breath. It might seem that I go over and over the same ideas…and I do…but from a different angle each time…and that’s because it takes a bit of understanding of what the heck
Dr Mu
is trying to communicate. But then again…what better way to understand something…than by hearing it from as many different angles as possible…as of course…this is how they brainwash people with the daily news…by repeating it 5 times a day…somewhat contradictory…on different channels…and changing the stories little by little…to suck you into believing the propaganda non-reality of the situation.
But at least with this book you have the choice to read it or not.
But make sure you check out the warning below before proceeding.
Still…I hope through all the brain-drain…head-hurt and spinning chakras…that something asleep inside your multi-dimensional subconscious re-awakens for just a second…to spark a long dormant…but now hopefully revived interest…in our amazing and transforming…very much alive and conscious…planetary Mother-Earth.
So for the moment…here is another quick blast of what to expect from the

Lets open the mind...lets understand human kind...for you will find that the mind…can lift you out of the grind...this mundane...hardly sane excuse for something why your world fell from grace...
Don’t watch their TV space.

Now finally…it is my great pleasure to pass the Unicorns reins back over to him.
But I warn you again.




Ha! Ha!
Let me introduce myself.

Anything…anywhere…in anytime or space that has been..will be…can or even could be thought off…imagined or felt by any type of physical…in-organic or ethereal being in the known universe is energy…the same 100% pure electromagnetic all conscious energy that the genius ancients called the Goddess. Everything…and I mean everything is made of this energy…and this might be hard for some people to get their heads around as we look out into the world and see the endless varied forms of life that exist, but its simple…for everything is the very same energy…vibrating at infinite different speeds of density.
There is something happening to consciousness…and by consciousness I mean awareness…the way we perceive reality…the level of plane where by which we decode events and information in our 3rd dimensional polar-reality. And by polar-reality I mean…interpreting things as up-down…bad-good…black-white…north-south…male-female…dark-light and most importantly yin-yang…the balance of all things…of all energy…the energy of karma. Oooo! That word karma…it used to be only known to the Eastern faiths, but in time through the spread of our modern information exchange, its reality and understanding has filtered its way into the western mind but has been misinterpreted as simply being punishment for mistakes we may have made in the past. “Oh! No! That’s my bad karma…I must deserve that happening to me…Oh! I’m ever so bad”. Well there’s also a flip side to it all which not too many people understand…and it gets lost in the thinking that some people are naturally lucky to their bones…while others are always unlucky and have no chance to better their present position in life. It is true that it works as action-reaction…that by doing something not too nice to someone in the past…life has caught up on us and bitten us on the ass just when things were going so well. The power of karma has to be understood because believe it or not, we can consciously divert an unwanted negative re-action happening to us. So let me try to explain something.
Before anything in our physical life can come to be…we have first to think about it…no form of matter can materialize unless the idea has initially been envisioned or grown in our mind. No action can happen in the world by itself…simply because a thought always precedes an action. The thought manifests through the use of belief and imagination-energy and becomes a physical action…and we have complete choice in whether we produce something positive to help…or something negative to harm. So encouragingly…this instantly deletes the idea that we are a helpless slave to the chaos of the big bad world…for the true reality of the universe couldn’t be further from our known misunderstanding.
Everything bad or good that happens to us was a manifestation of a thought which started its life inside our own mind…we set it in motion and it finally catches up with us because there is a time delay of manifestation in our 3rd dimension. We also have the ability to stop a negative manifestation it in its tracks before reaching us…by superseding it with a positive thought whenever we desire…and this is what the reality karma is actually about
But more later.
When you look out at the world what do you see? Well…I’m not going to try to tell you what you see as I certainly don’t know…because everyone perceives the world in their very own individual way…this perception is the accumulation of personal experience throughout our life…which in turn forms our personalities and our dreaded egos. But whose version of the world are we really seeing? Immediately…many will say…well…mine of course…don’t be so daft…who else’s?
Silly Billy.
But have you really truly thought about that question with both hemispheres of your brain?
For we are being fed daily with pointless trash and such soulless reality by the powers that be…and I mean by TV…media…celebrity lives…fashion…debt…racism…religion…violence…fear of death…insecurity and guilt…that we have become utterly immune to what can only be described as manufactured hell on earth…and most people are perceiving what is pushed upon them as reality…but its not…its just a tiny negative sample of the world…fed to us by the nefarious powers that be…as the so-called official truth.
But its not the bloody truth…it’s a little bit of dark illusion to keep us in the fearful prison of the mind…its not all that there is…and the world isn’t evil with people waiting to hurt us at every turn if we venture beyond our modern hi-tech cave man dwellings. It is no more than a condensed…compacted version of events with all the positive aspects of life edited out and binned…and by absorbing a slowly mutating repetitive version of negative events into our conscious and subconscious minds everyday…we are literally creating a whole world picture of reality from the manufactured and heavily condensed negative picture beamed into our eyes…filtered and edited by the brain… mixed with our fears and insecurities…and stored as negative thought energy in the subconscious. But let’s leave this horrible image for the moment…and move onto something more positive.
So what space do these ideas leave for a God?
Well…consciousness is God…and God is the universe. These densities of consciousness are frequencies…and all of existence is made from frequencies…some say strings…but you could even call them parallel universes if you like. And to help understand this…try thinking of all the TV and radio channels of frequencies…all occupying the same space oblivious of each other…and when we tune to one station the others seem to disappear…but of course they haven’t…they are just on a different frequency…and can be accessed if we have the correct equipment to tune into them. If you happen to get two frequencies vibrating close together…you get interference and static…and so when you apply this to our growing knowledge of paranormal science…then the knowledge of spirits…U.F.O’s…ghosts…supernatural experiences and so-called miracles start to make a bit more logical sense…as all we are really seeing is overlaps of different dimensional worlds.
Humans perceive from the 5 senses…but there are also other senses which a handful of people consciously or unconsciously use…but we will come to these soon. Our 5 senses only allow us to perceive a minute level of reality and this is what’s known as the 3rd dimension because we see things in 3D…but like a radio station…if we had the ability to use and control other senses like the 6th and above…we would tune into other higher frequencies of our multi-dimensional world. From time to time we use the 6th sense and above…as we feel daily anomalies such as deja-vu…coincidence… intuition…hunches…synchronicities and dreams…even more important is the growing fact that scientists now agree that in all of the vastness of space…which we can now see with the Hubble telescope and others…we unfortunately still only see what exists on the 3rd dimension which is less than 10%...even though there are infinite levels of higher dimensional space out there to access. But if truth be told…we humans are still somewhat primitive…especially if we were to compare ourselves with other races that we know of…who exist alongside us in the galaxy. But these primitive 3 dimensional chains are falling off us at super speed…because of the influence of certain cosmic happenings mentioned throughout the book…for as the effect of these cosmic happenings reach earth and its inhabitants…the known evolutionary cycles of the planet are being affected and sped up. Quite literally we are changing our known 5 sense abilities into something else…something higher is about to take hold of earth which will fill us with a more powerful conscious light. We…along with the earth are moving up dimensions into the 4th and 5th …where our perceived abilities will be heightened…and we will access once more a higher frequency and perception of life… that we lost…because of our solar systems orbit out into the darkness of space… instigating what we know as the fall of man. So getting back to the 100% pure energy…how can a solid concrete wall be made of the same energy as a bowl of jelly? Well that’s simple…because the wall is denser as it is vibrating slower. The make up of our bodies fall somewhere in-between these two vibrations and so we can push our finger into the jelly and not the wall…the same way we can push our skin around on top of our harder skull. Hmmm! Hard to understand I know…but think of this for a minute. Water comes in three forms, ice, liquid and steam, for it’s the same conscious substance existing in 3 forms. If you were to put ice-cubes in a cotton sock it would take a while for them to melt partly to start to drip through the cotton…but the liquid water on the other hand poured into a sock would start to drip nearly straight away… yet the steam water would escape pretty much instantly and disappear …if you were outside of course. So what am I saying? Well…the energy which was the water was in three different forms but it was still the same energy…it didn’t change it just seemed to…it only had the illusion of disappearing. The simple methods used to change the form or vibration of the water…being heating and cooling…didn’t make the water disappear…but simply changed its form…or should I say frequency. Have you ever heard someone talking about death in such terms? As in taking on a different energy form…such as spirit form. The spirit form of steam. I’m sure you have noticed that this is one of the main points of focus in the book. The energy which was the water changed its vibration but the actual water didn’t disappear as steam…it still existed in a different form…it’s just that where it went was beyond what we could perceive with our 5 senses. If everything everywhere is the same energy vibrating at different speeds… then it doesn’t disappear or die it just can no longer be perceived by us…and this is of course the so-called death experience. This 100% energy coming from the source is 100% pure consciousness…it is all and it knows all…it is the ocean of energy that births the human plankton…and is the sum total of every form that exists…as all forms are each a droplet which together make up the whole. All of matter is energy and if this pure source energy is pure consciousness then the individual thinking…perceiving, consciousness that is us…cannot die…it just takes on a different form or vibration after so-called physical death. In all religions and philosophies there is a re-occurring theme or belief which goes something like this…"do unto others as you would like them to do to you"…it can also be more negatively interpreted as…"be careful what you wish for as it just might happen". While so many faiths are bickering like baby birds among themselves about all their misconceived differences…they should really be looking into each others faiths to find the masses of similarities instead? “God will judge you and you will be punished” many of them say…scary stuff…but let’s replace that sentence with the single word, let’s replace it with the word "karma".
Lets go back to the 100% pure source energy…this is electromagnetic vibrating energy and if everything is this same essence…then so are we because what we see as the physical body is a form of this energy…for this is the only form we can use to experience our little piece of the electro-magnetic world…known as the 3rd dimension. If we believe this pure energy is everywhere and is everything then it must be within us…or more correctly it is us…which sort-of makes us God in a ironic kind-of way. The physical body is most defiantly not all that we are…it is just the perceivable tip of the iceberg for it has been proved through Quantum Mechanics that 99.9% of our actual being is hidden to the 5 sense world…just as the mass of the iceberg was to the Titanic’s captain. What most people think of as themselves…is really only the advanced organic spacesuit they have chosen to incarnate into…and don…to experience physical evolution on earth this time around…as they unknowingly…re-incarnated deliberately on earth to feel and experience physical emotion…to spark a realization of certain higher spiritual concepts. These concepts can come in bad or good form but they are necessary to help balance and dissolve many previous and future lifetimes of self-accumulated negative karma. The body is just a shell and it will grow old and disappear to dust eventually…but the consciousness that is us…less the personality and the ego…cannot die…it just takes on an unperceivable form and vibrates on a different, in my opinion, psychedelic frequency beyond this world on a unknown level of the so-called spirit world; or heaven if you’re used to that term. Where do you think the saying being taken up to7th heaven comes from? This heaven is just one level of reality above the 3rd that is so utterly conflicting with our understanding of the material realm…that at the point of death we think we are in heaven. But it’s just a non-physical level of existence…and there are many…in fact as I said earlier…it’s infinite. For if you believe you can become pure enough in one fearful little human life to re-join with the source of all…then you are sadly deluded and haven’t really thought about what some belief systems in the world have asked you to blindly believe.
Inevitably we will come back to sit our exams again or go to another planet or dimension to try to release our bad karma in a more agreeable way.
It’s actually up to us…as everything is in our hands as it all has to do with what reality we create and how much karma we accumulate while physical. There are 7 main spinning magnetic vortex points within our non physical body called the chakras…these are really turning wheels of energy that are grounded with the physical body by interacting with certain important glands…examples being the testes and pineal glands. These glands are what balance the bodies health systems by secreting hormones in certain amounts at certain times…so if these chakras are in anyway blocked or damaged by accumulated negative energy…then the glands do not secrete efficiently and the body becomes run-down and ill and manifests as dis-ease…not at ease. The chakras usually become damaged…blocked and unable to spin cleanly by all the pent up negative emotional energy that we absorb from the outside world mostly in the form of fear…guilt…frustration and insecurities…and if it lies dormant from our childhoods… being added to other forms of stress energy in our adult life…we will get ill for nothing and from out of nowhere we will create many diseases…phobias and fears over nothing…and wonder where the hell they are coming from. Certain unwanted issues will have been seemingly programmed into us oblivious to our knowing. Fear programming is exactly what is happening to us…but where is this coming from? For every physical ailment bar none begins in the ethereal light-body…the 99.9% unseen part of ourselves. If we have negative fear stored within our subconscious as blocked emotional energy it will manifest in the physical body as sickness…and believe me it does. Because we are pure energy…a droplet of the 100% source ocean. The chakras are like transformers or filters just like the sun…as they change the 100%pure energy into a less powerful source that we can use…but if the chakras are blocked or damaged in anyway…then we will not receive the benefit of the source energy, because basically, we are like a kind of organic machine…and if you put dodgy fuel into a fine tuned machine or if you wire its electrics wrong then you’re in trouble…and the machine will grind down and break. Our power source which is our conscious life force…is the 100%energy and like batteries we can re-charge ourselves on a regular basis so that we are always working at full power to deal easily with life’s wear and tear…and believe it or not what we see and perceive as our personal outside world is the exact reflection of the inner state of our beings harmony or disharmony. You're still strapped in I hope.
Ok! Let’s take it up 2 gears.
If we are made of pure electromagnetic energy just as everything else is with no exception…then feasibly we have the ability to consciously attract experience magnetically to us and store this energy within us…and of course that’s exactly what we do…we store life’s experiences within our subconscious…and the total of these life experiences become the individual cover that we associate as personality or ego. So here we are at the point finally where I can reveal what I’m trying to communicate here…and what obsessed me so much to have to write a book about it. It’so simple…and it is this.
Uh! That’s not so special…bit of an anti-climax I can hear many saying…for surely this is obvious. And maybe it is…but hang on for one moment…for how many people can understand and grasp the importance of the statement, for believe it or not this concept and nothing else is the absolute be-all-end-all of what our time on earth is really truly all about. The concept of creating a heaven/earth consciously with our thoughts…beliefs…affirmations and imaginations. Do you realize that if you can consciously change your vibration to something higher and more positive…that you can actually gain control over what you choose to manifest physically in your world?
You do it every minute anyway…but imagine controlling it.
Imagine what you could do if you weren’t filling your subconscious with fear.
I’m going to run through certain aspects I’ve mentioned already but throw in a few more pieces to help us all understand this concept…which ill be the first to admit is dam strange and sounds like magic or even a miracle…but give it a chance to settle in your mind…and just in case you didn’t get it the first time…then here we go again. Around everything and especially our bodies is an electromagnetic field of energy called an aura…it exists as our ethereal body and can actually be photographed by a device called a Progen or kirilian camera…I have seen this myself and have briefly studied the varied colors that show up in photos around different people…the colors represent the state of the inner health and self of a person…this is the combination of how we are feeling and thinking at the time whether it be positive or negative. The aura is what we feel when we say we get a good or bad vibe off someone or someplace…as it is our own aura energy field joining briefly with the aura that’s surrounds the person or place…we can feel it as a positive boost to our own energy or a drain …it can also be felt as fear or comfort. When we say physical body we mean the skin…bones…muscles etc…and when we say ethereal we mean the spiritual body…the largest part of us which we cannot see or perceive with ours 5 senses. This is 99.9% of what we really are. Within our auric ethereal body…are the 7 main chakras…there are countless others…which correspond and interact with our physical glands and certain vital organs…such as heart and lungs…and as we already know these glands secrete the hormones to keep us physically and mentally healthy. We need oxygen to stay alive in the physical body sense…but to keep the ethereal body alive and well…we need to breathe something called prana…and this invisible yet essential energy-substance is within every breath we take…but in a high vibration form which cannot be perceived by the 5 senses. When we breathe we are pulling…prana…in through the base chakra which lies about a hand size below our physical body between our legs…and at the same time prana also comes in through an area which is a hand size above the head…this in turn revitalizes all the chakras with 100% pure source energy…and is projected out through the heart chakra into the world as either love or hate. But sadly we have forgotten how to breathe properly…as the act of birth traumatizes us and makes us breathe shallow from the throat. Over thousands of years…humans have nearly lost the ability to pull prana consciously through the soft baby part of their heads…yet the dolphins and whales still do it quite automatically through their blow holes. This means that we are not operating at our full conscious…spiritual selves and this keeps us locked in a very low and unhealthy vibration which is affecting our health and our races evolution. This act alone proves that these amazing mammals are way in front of humans as far as spiritual evolution is concerned…but that’s obvious. When they perceive us…apparently we seem like no more than semi-conscious to them yet somehow functioning. The physical heart organ itself is well known as the symbol of love, but in reality…it is the heart-chakra that projects a certain feeling or energy…so a broken heart or a knot in your stomach is simply a chakra blocked by some negative outside energy. See…it’s simple. This 100%energy has many names of which some readers should be familiar with…it is known as chi…ki…kundalini…serpent power…the force…God…love…and of course prana. It has been misinterpreted by many God-fearing folks over the centuries as it is perceived in the form of an all-knowing bearded wrathful watcher who sees all…creates all…and punishes all. But let it be known…that we as a race have evolved way past medieval mans misinterpretations of the multi-dimensional world…and so as science catches up with the esoteric earth knowledge of the ancients…we stand now in a place in time where we can finally acknowledge that we as self-creating gods…have a lot more personal power that we can ever possibly imagine.
Living through all of our life experiences since our re-birth on earth we have formed what we know as our personality. We are each a completely unique form of expression of divinity…for if we look at identical twins they are still different inside as they haven’t had absolute identical thoughts. If they were utterly identical at birth they would still have different facial expressions because of the different energies they absorb due to the things they experience. The total of our life experiences become the ego…the thing that we think sets us apart from everyone else…the ego is who we think we are…it is what we believe we are. We know what the conscious-person is because we each live that person everyday as our identity…but what is the subconscious? It is the part of us that keeps the systems of the body working such as breathing and growing etc…all the things that we don’t need to be thinking about everyday as it would just be overload. But the subconscious also does something very important…it stores away all our traumatic experiences so that we don’t have to keep reliving them everyday in the conscious mind. Now…I’m sure you will agree that this is a great thing…but it also stores all the violence and gore from the outside world which we let ourselves be subjected to on a daily basis through many of our so-called entertainment sources. The sub-conscious is also our higher self…our connection to the source…and it is all knowing…it is like a door to the hyper-intelligent source energy but its hard to walk through the door because of all the negative thoughts and rubbish from the day getting caught on our clothes in the form of a sticky spider web of subconscious fear….but more later .We might think that a negative act which we see on TV doesn’t affect us because we do not go out and repeat the act…but of course it does just like violent video games affect children…because we are storing it in our subconscious…and it doesn’t leave…it stays there building up with all the other negative trash of the modern information day, and believe it or not…it is doing great damage to our energy body…all this negative energy is flowing around inside us and it is controlling our unseen emotions. Most of us have phobias…or some sort of unseen fear, and most of us have no clue as to why we have them because we don’t remember experiencing something bad to trigger the fear. But now we know how it happens…and these fears and phobias could very well even be from a previous life…still stuck within our consciousness which we have brought with us into another body. Can you see how all of this starts to unfold…if it is allowed to? If you already are a natural optimist and believe in positive thought and intention then most of this concept should be making sense…as many successful people are consciously or subconsciously doing this quite naturally…because in fact it is completely natural. It’s the way life and reality is supposed to work…but we have became slow and dumb…compared to the genius ancients who built the pyramids of the world…due to the so-called advances of the technological world. So…think back to that day when you woke up in the best of moods…and that noticeable inner glow you felt made you want to be nice and friendly to everyone you met and on noticing your state they quite naturally gave it back without a moments thought…well that’s you doing it…you were projecting your positive aura into the world and making positive interactions magnetically attract and happen for you. Now remember that day when you woke up feeling so low…things were going bad in your life and you were very stressed and no matter what you seemed to do everything went wrong…well that was also you projecting your negative feelings into your aura and in turn beaming them into the world manifesting all your negative feelings of fear in a physical form as reality. Be careful what you wish for because it just might happen. Oh so true. Now stop for a minute and think about this. Imagine being in control of this.
Imagine what we could do to improve ourselves and the world around us simply by thinking in a certain positive way by using the higher awareness of our minds…for all we would have to do is control and edit what is trying to enter our minds. I’m sure you’re starting to get the concept now but it might take a little more explaining. So he is a recap.
Everything we have done in our life we manifested ourselves…every place we arrived at we intended to be there consciously or unconsciously…if we ended up in a bad situation in life…its because we thought it up also…we did it all by our imagination and thoughts. We may also have wished for something but it didn’t happen…and so utterly disillusioned we gave up wishing and decided that we were never going to succeed at anything and just took a back seat to see what life throws up. Well maybe just maybe if we had have waited a little while longer…did some work by putting some simple physical aspects of the wish into place and believed we could do it…then it just might have happened. Remember there is a time delay in 3rd density reality and things take a little while to manifest…but also know that where we are moving into now…because of the emergence in the photon-belt…and the completion of the precession of the equinox cycle…into the 4th dimension…where reality manifests instantly…this is where we have to be totally and absolutely aware of what we are thinking…as bad thoughts will also instantly manifest. This state is what’s known as unity-consciousness as opposed to polarity-consciousness like we experience now in the 3rd dimension…this gives us the illusion of time speeding up and having no time in the day. I’m sure you have noticed how quick it’s all going. So just to recap again…if we are forever thinking negative by being a slave to the filth…muck and gore of our manufactured modern world…then we will be manifesting our very own nightmares instantly with every thought…we are already doing it daily…and doing it very quickly at this moment in time because we are in the process of experiencing the changeover between the merging dimensions. So don’t worry about the ever growing darkness in the world…as our so-called futures are undecided and are completely and utterly within our conscious control…it is us that is to blame for the fear vibration on the planet because we…the masses…are just simply dam lazy and on the most part let other people do our thinking for us. They are creating our reality…and let me assure you here and now…that they most definitely do not have our best interests at heart. We decide to make life either a heaven or a personal hell by giving away our power to Religions…who torture our divine souls by scaring us into believing we are born impure and have to follow their primitive belief systems to be cleansed. We also have corrupt government structures who squeeze every penny out of us to pay for their genocidal wars of conquest…but yet if we recognize that there is only the now…only the ever evolving present moment… and that if we pull all our personal conscious power into the moment and become conscious of the fact that we are incredible powerful spiritual beings of light…need I say angels…then we can literally manifest matter and regain our true identities once more as self creating gods. We need to let go of all our dark regret-energy from our older…yet present…situations in the past and we need to stop constantly chasing that non-existent dream-like better day in the future where we will have no worries and where things just have to be better than they are now…where we save for a sunny day rather than a rainy one. For every tiny little thing we do now in the present changes another tiny little thing in the future. We cannot have an idea in the present without it directly manifesting that idea in the future. If we could un-think the idea in the present then it would also disappear in the future. I do hope you are getting this. We have to realize that life is happening now…right now…and that these present experiences we thought into manifestation somewhere in the past…or the older present moment. Because there is no such thing as luck…if you want something that resembles luck in the form of a better day then concentrate all your energy on the image and believe its possible…you might not get exactly what you thought you might but you will get the spiritual equivalent which is not want you want…but what you need to further the evolution of your soul. So imagine reality as something like a My-Space or Bebo internet website…where we all see the same basic template of life…but where all our fonts…interests…colors and pictures are all very different. We are all accessing the same system but no two reads or views are the same. I’m quite proud of coming up with that analogy as I think it explains it perfectly.
We are waking up…the earth is waking up…we have been sleeping…and like a giant fire alarm inside our heads no one will be able to stay asleep for too long. Something is happening to evolution and there are kids being born all over the planet now since the 1970s who have jumped the normal speed of evolution…oh yes…they are called the indigo kids…and nearly every young family will have one or two running around at this time dictating their higher presence and intelligence. Believe it or not…they are here to evolve the rest of us beyond our sleeping slumber merely by their interactions and unique higher intuition…they are here to help activate the equivalent of the 100th monkey syndrome which is the tuning into a higher collective consciousness…were by when a certain amount of humans learn to use a special mind talent…that all others will automatically start to do the same whilst having never ever been taught. This collective consciousness is the universal mind which can be directly accessed by meditation and other healing arts such as breathing yoga…it is all knowing simply because it is all.
Earth together with her brothers and sisters of the solar system are moving into a new position within the cosmos where we will orbit and rendezvous with other higher systems within the high photon light energy of the photon belt where we will move through 2000 years of balancing earth changes and cleansing…we have been there since the 1960s…for this is what we feel as global warming…its not just us heating the world because it happens naturally every 13,000 and 26,000 years roughly .The sun is also changing its power source and this is where we get the increased solar flares and sun spot activity from. Its a natural cycle called the precession of the equinox… when we move through a giant time clock cycle dictated by the axis wobble of the earth…which draws a giant circle in the sky moving through all the zodiac houses on a grander scale…and we happen to be reaching the climax of this cycle once again by moving into the new higher frequency reality of the age of Aquarius…you could say we are about two minutes to midnight…but thankfully in a wholly positive way…although it may not seem like it right now as we look at the trouble on the world stage. I would just like to add something here that I thought was very interesting…and it has to do with contacting our loved ones in the form of spirits after death. Many good people go to mediums and the like to contact their relatives…and a lot of the time they are told that their loved one is standing behind or to the side of the medium…looking just like how their families remember them…but in a more healthy and vibrant somewhat physical body. But it’s obvious that the majority of what’s taking place is some kind of mind-reading and suggestion…and a lot of the “off the wall” crap is talked simply to entice unhappy people into believing what they are hearing from this spiritual thief. And then we have others wanting to know what there is to do to pass the time in the spirit world or Heaven…as they would surely miss their TV…and still the charlatans play the game by saying anyone can have anything they want. This sounds no different from the religions empty promises…which most people have wised to since the amazing advances within science. So think about this…for if our personality is the accumulation only of our physical and emotional experiences…but the energy consciousness is the real us…and if the body and the speech organs go back to the soil at death…them how are these mourning peoples relatives standing there in a hat or favourite dress…and how are the kids that unfortunately die young supposed to have a game of football or something, when in reality they have left their body and are now their pure energy light form? Think about it…is it any wonder that after promising to come back…to tell us they are all right that our deceased relatives haven’t? No…is the answer…because what really happens is that we re-join with the 100% pure conscious energy of the living universe which is all and is all we are…our subconscious or super-conscious is the earthly link to this energy…it cannot die and it is all knowing…and this plane of existence is where we go in meditation to access the creators infinite library. Real mediums can take your hand and tell you instantly the answers to your questions about your family…and while many of the others I’m quite sure mean well…as they are making people feel better about dying…they are actually distracting those people from the reality of what’s really going on and what we really are. This is not to say that I don’t believe in higher spirit realms where beings of love and light exist and watch over us in our physical earthly incarnations…is just that there are many idiots within the so-called New-Age movement that think they can make a quick buck. And why shouldn’t they…for sure the religions have been doing it for centuries. When our bodies age and we once more float to another plane of non physical reality…we rest on one of the infinite levels of existence that we have evolved to .We cannot go past this level as we are still hanging onto some impure accumulated energy that was once our personalities and egos from all our past lives…but now its just an energy wave. We cannot, as some religions would have us believe go straight to the source after one life because we would probably fry or something like that as we would be nowhere near the same pure high frequency of the God energy. When we meditate the idea is to find somewhere comfortable and silent and slow our breathing down into a heavy…relaxed…cycling state…so that when all the rubbish from our day crops up as thoughts that we just acknowledge them but let them go…until we are left with just the silence of our higher self…not the physical person we relate to in the normal day…and when we find this deep state and breathe deep pulling in prana and refreshing our being with new 100% energy then we can ask any question we want or simply contemplate something which we want to know the answer to…for as I said we are plugged into the universes information highway of consciousness
What we are is pure 100%energy consciousness…vibrating at a certain frequency or vibration .There are of course other helpers or other consciousness who watch and guide us when we reach one of the levels…but ill leave that to someone else to explain. I think they’re called angels or something like that. Some of this information might sound like a contradiction…but its not when you know that the idea of physical re-incarnation is the process of coming back in various bodies to experience emotion and work off accumulated bad karma from many life situations until we can live a completely super-conscious existence operating from absolute awareness as a god in a human body, like a Christ a Buddha or the like. We have been here countless times and died countless times before we just don’t remember and it’s deliberate that we don’t…because then what’s the point of coming back to consciously or unconsciously learn. But babies know…and it must be so frustrating not being able to communicate…but then that’s where baby sign language comes in…but this is not mandatory in any culture…but as we know it most certainly should be as babies are the latest most evolved type of human. But anyway. The babies see frequencies that most adults cannot…just like our companions the cats and dogs…they have imaginary friends and they are just pure magic.
But then what does our society go and do?
It puts them at the age of 5 into the indoctrination of a manufactured picture of the world where they have their minds programmed until the age of 16 or so. Now can you see how easy it is to make people create a certain type of negative reality?
I think you get my point.
The mirror of our inner health and self is what we project out of us as physical health and vitality…as we know now that all dis-ease starts in the energy body. It is projected out of our sub consciousness through the heart chakra and into the aura and whatever electromagnetically projects out into the world…we will electromagnetically attract back because like attracts like. The reason why some relationships just do not work is because their time together is a constant struggle to feel whole and fully charged with energy like when they fell in love at the start…and over time if they cannot work out how to maintain the first powerful feelings of attraction that fed their own energy, then they steal it from their partner in the form of arguments which only benefits the winner for a short time. Eventually one of them will have to give in feeling drained as they have had their energy stolen. Its the same when a relationship ends and someone has to get hurt…the void that they feel is the absence of their ex partners energy that made them for the first time in their lives feel whole…and this coupled with the already denser vibration of the hurt persons loneliness and depression flooding out of the heart chakra into their aura…could very well attract the exact same type of future partner and relationship to them…and of course it will crash. This is why someone in an abusive relationship seems to attract the same kind of abusive person time and time again. On the flip side…if we are a happy individual and always out to help in a confident positive way…then the auras magnetic field will bring a similar experience back…that’s why some people seem to be so lucky all the time, but really they are creating a sincere, positive attraction. But if you are a bitter, hurtful individual be it vocally or physically, and this can be as simple as bad thoughts…then they will have to continue their act in the only way they know how…and that is to unconsciously steal energy…simply to feel better about themselves. But we know this energy doesn’t last very long and so it’s a vicious circle…because they probably had it done to them as a child by parents or bullies…and so really…they are only topping up their already drained energy that was stolen from them in the early years of the life. This is where past life karma comes into this philosophy…as maybe this persons reason for re-incarnating in their situation in a particular body…was to break the spell of a certain wave of attraction and accumulation of negative energy that has them stuck in a low cycle of the reincarnation loop. So until they remember how to stop this…then they will repeat a similar life position time and time again until they learn how to sustain their being with positive energy by their own means without having to resort to stealing it from others.
There are endless authors books that expand in great detail about topics such as karma…life after death…chakras…auras…re-incarnation…the reality of time-travel and living in the moment…and at one time all religions knew these things and taught them as life knowledge….but we know sadly through 2000 years or so…most have lost their way, and the majority of this freedom knowledge of our real cosmic electro-magnetic reality was deliberately suppressed and misinterpreted through languages and cultures and became labelled as a fairy tale or the work of the Devil. This is the way the universe works…it can’t work any other way…simply because…as I said at the start. Anything, anywhere…in anytime or space that has been…will be…can or even could be thought off…imagined or felt by any type of physical…in-organic or ethereal being in the known universe…is energy…the same 100% pure electromagnetic all conscious energy that the genius ancients called the Goddess.


I'm your video DJ
I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes
I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go
My job is to help destroy
What's left of your imagination
By feeding you endless doses
Of sugar-coated mindless garbage
So don't create
Be sedate
Be a vegetable at home
And thwack on that dial
If we have our way even you will believe
This is the future of rock and roll .
(“M.T.V.-Get Off The Air"
Dead Kennedys)

“Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
And you think you're so clever and classless and free,
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see“.
(John Lennon "Working Class Hero")

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Its magic you know,
Never believe its not so.
The earth and her human inhabitants are intricately caught up in many cosmic cycles, being each a cog in the mechanical ocean of the great infinite star sea. So for now open your mind wide once more as I am about to take you beyond astrology into the realm of cosmic consciousness. To understand what is happening to the world at this moment in time you need to be aware first that these great cycles actually exist and how they directly affect our consciousness, for we are certainly not taught their truth in school, education or any form of so-called structured religion for that matter.Well, actually we are taught them within religion its just that they are presented as literal stories and so their true meanings are utterly lost. In earths ancient world these cycles were common knowledge among the everyday nature worshipping Pagan people, for researchers continue to find within their ancestors religious calendars and cultures, overwhelming proof that cosmic cycles formed the very foundation of life on earth and understandings of evolution. The ancient earth people were sky watchers, in fact we were tracking the skies as they knew certain astrological times directly affected how the earth and its inhabitants behaved. Not just behaviour was being monitored at this time, for the ancients were watching very closly for movements in the earths crust and fanatically tracking comets.We all know the 12 star signs, as we are each assigned one due to our time of birth. We know that within one earth year we move through all 12 and then go round and round again aging in the process. But there is a much larger cycle through the sky-signs and it takes nearly 26,000 years to complete, and this is what’s known as the Precession of the equinox the father of our earthly clocks. Our ancestors had vast knowledge of this 26,000 year cycle and they knew that at the13, 000 year halfway point the earth would once again cleanse itself with a 2000 year stint in the Photon-belt which would bring on a magnetic reversal of the earths magnetic field and a possible pole-shift which in turn would flood the planet and re-arrange much of the surface of the earth. This natural action would erase (like it did many times before) most of the evidence and knowledge of the advanced hi-tech world that came before this one. And so the scientific ancients constructed the amazing Great Pyramid on the ancient meridian centre of the earth, aligned to the points of the compass so as to be a scale model of the northern hemisphere of our earth. Some crazy ancient ledgends say it was built from the top down by a powerful race of dwarfs, now thats another story, but I thought I might just throw that in. This seemingly magical feat was to show the level of advancement that humans had reached before the inevitable cataclysm struck and ended this time as within its dimensions are encoded the secrets of the universe in the form of Phi measurements 3.14 and the golden ratio 1.6. These people also built the Sphinx to gaze out at the horizon (Horus) to far off stars at this ending time of transformation, to seal in history their legacy for the inhabitants of our new world to marvel at. For the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were the only things foreseen to survive the coming earth movements. There is much of this ancient world under the Sahara sand and the Meditrrian sea.Now, at this point if this all seems a bit far fetched, just remember that we all as a planet are spinning in the spaces, on a ball of conscious living water at the end of an evolving spiral arm in this perfect expanding galaxy, the Milky Way. Just to put things into perspective. Ok lets continue. The earth does not spin vertically, its actually on a tilt of roughly 23.5 degrees, and because of this we experience 4 seasons on our planet. You have maybe heard astrological jargon such as (example) the sun is rising in Leo, etc etc, well, all this means is that the backdrop of space behind where the sun is rising, is the constellation of Leo. But the backdrop changes. This is where Christianity gets its idea of Jesus the son of God on the cross and his 12 disciples because, actually its all symbolic of the SUN of God on the cross of the zodiac with the 12 star signs around it. Virgo was the backdrop, so we get the sun of God being born of the virgin (Mary, and before her in Egypt-Isis-she is the mother of the sun-god on the horizon=Horus).Some say the original Sphinx head was a female and some say it was a lion, but for sure the male pharoh head we see now was carved much later by the ancient Egyptians.See easy. Now imagine the planet at 23.5 degrees with a line drawn down through the earths centre poles and coming out both ends, and imagine the north pole line drawing a great circle in space as the planet spins. Well this is the path which we complete as a planet roughly every 26,000 years. Now imagine all the 12 signs around the edge of this circle and that we stay roughly 2160 years in each constellation as a backdrop in the night sky. You now have the basics of the cycle. At this point do not get confused with being able to see the plough or the Orion constellation in the skies coming back every year, and don’t get caught up in the 365 days of the year as we spin around the sun, for this bigger cycle is so subtle as to be unrecognisable to untrained eyes . But if you only knew where we are as a solar system in the grand cycle, in what’s known as a (platonic year ) and what significance it has to what is transpiring and unfolding on the worlds political stage today, for no big political disiccions are made without consulting astrology. Ok get ready, here we go.(Precession) was understood back in the time in ancient Mesopotamia (which is now Iraq) and Egypt, pre 3000BC. It was Hipparchusis (ancient Greek astronomer) who estimated Earth's precession around 130 BC so most people refer to him, but the ancient civilizations who lived millennia before him, all had a deep engrained knowledge of the subject. Precession actually moves counter clockwise west to east and its on march 21st when we can measure it, the day of the vernal equinox at the exact location where the suns plane crosses the equator. On this day the sun would be directly above the equator at high noon and there would be no shadow cast by a perpendicular stick protruding from level ground at the equator. In the cycle of the great year the suns elliptic intersects the celestial equator a little to the west of where it was the year before. So the earth really acts like a spinning top which is slowing down, and it’s the pull of the sun and moon which creates a bulge at the earths equator, for if this bulge didn’t happen there would be no precession. Precession changes about 1 degree of arc every 72 years, and you can see in past civilizations within their religions showing in what time of precession they lived .You will have the Romans worshipping ram idols about 200 BC (Aries) and the later Christians talking about the fish or fisher of men as they referred to Jesus (Pisces).You also then have the stories of the Golden Calf being worshipped by the Israelites (Taurus).The rough 2160 years of Pisces is passing, this was the time of religion, and our solar system is very much entering the next sign which is Aquarius (the water bearer) the time of awakening.
Its even written in the Bible that a disciple was sent into the city to find a man bearing water, this of course is secret symbolic language for Aquarius (Meeting with the water bearer) .This might seem of little relevance to someone that believes the Bible stories are actually real events, but the truth is that the Bible, old and new, is nothing more than the complete symbolic story of precession and the cycles of the zodiac. Unfortunately the truth of this has been lost or disguised, and the names given to certain celestial bodies whose orbits and influencal events have been sucked up by millions who have blindly believed that they are reading about people. The ancient Gnostic Christians and the Magi Druid Shamans used symbolic stories to hide and pass bon secret knowledge, these were never ever meant to be taken liteally.And sadly, in truth when it comes down to it, this behaviour is nothing more than pure blind faith and finger-crossed hope perpetrated by centuries of engrained indoctrinated fear. These poor people are basing their absolute salvations on mere symbolic tales. Ah! Well, that’s the way of the world. But listen. It takes roughly 80 years for each transition between the ages to fully happen, meaning by 2012 (oh that date again) we will be very much into the new age of enlightenment. But It was our great researcher Robert Buval who first came up with the genius idea that the 3 pyramids in Giza in Egypt, might have been constructed to represent the 3 stars on the belt of the Orion constellation who is the Egyptian high God Osiris (the hunter) . He would be correct of course. He and another great writer Graham Hancock with the use of computers backtracked the skies to see if a possible fit could be found. And what they did find blew our official history out of the water. They took the skies back to where Egyptology says the pyramids were built to around 2700BC and it didn’t match completely even though some some alignments did. So they went back and back until they hit the start of the cycle. And there it was, the evidence that the 3 pyramids of Egypt matched the belt of Orion exactly.But their new date was shocking to orordox Egyptology and totally unbelievable as it came out at10,500 BC. According to our history books humans were supposed to be in the stone age running around clubbing each other, we weren’t supposed to be building monuments which, might I add, we cannot replicate even today, aligned to stars which science only discovered in the 20th century with telescopes. Hmmm! Think about that one. Buval and Hancocks evidence was questioned until they made their biggest discovery. The age of the Sphinx .It stands beside the pyramids as a guardian and its antiquity has been disputed for centuries.The Sphinx which was seemimly carved straight out of the natural bedrock suffered for centuries as torrents of rain and sea water poured into its compound onto its back and head damaging it greatly. Followers of our orthodox Egyptology still maintain that it was desert sand storms which done the damage, as they just cant open their minds to the most evident early dates of civilizations being found all over the earth. Similar pyramidal finds from South America to China to Japans underwater roads just don’t fit with known history and so many have been simply thrown out with the trash, but these wonders were built on the 4th dimensional earth .Do you know there are more Pyramids in China than in Egypt? You have to remember that our centuries of conquering armies and terrorizing religions re-wrote history to suit their own agendas. Its obvious that the body of the Sphinx was worn by water and not by sand storms, as the wear was vertically down its sides and not horizontal. But how can this be ? As according to our history books there have been no significant downpours in Egypt within the given time scales of official Egyptology. Of course, it could only have happened before 8000 BC when Egypt was semi-tropical.So Buval set about to prove it was much older and that it was built by a lost civilization before Egypt. Again he used the precession program and find the answer. The Sphinx was staring at the horizon looking at the age of Leo (the lion) at the date 10,500 BC. Final. The last piece of the puzzle would fit if the Pyramid blocks showed evidence that a deluge happened, but unfortunately the beautiful original white casing stones were removed from the pyramid to build Cairo. Many ancient writers can remember being able to see these constructions from great distances and others suggest that this is how different civilizations on other planets knew if another planet was populated, as great lasers would beam out of the top of each pyramid also.This was thought to be a harmonic star-gate beam for the more dense energy phyical beings to travel along. But of course this is all hust speculation, but i like to think it function may have been a stargate.But getting back to the story. Luckily salt deposits and sea-shells were found halfway up the monument showing that Egypt was in-fact covered in sea water, it was once semi-tropical but the centuries of water killed the plant-life and was burnt by a great comet which it time formed into the Sahara desert. It had vast jungles and looked much like central America of today.So in conclusion, all of this points to the proof that our extremely advanced past civilization did in-fact exist millennia before the Egyptians, and that they built these incredible structures to mirror the sky at this mythical date, perfectly recording in stone this very special time of pre-history. So that when the later moderns were advanced enough, that we could decipher through our computers the knowledge that the clever ancients were trying to pass on.With every passing year we will find that the real truths of our history has been covered up to detach the human consciousness from their Mother earth consciousness. For its obvious that the head of the Sphinx was re-carved as a Pharaoh much later, and its plain to see that most of the pyramids built after the first three at Giza are in various extreme states of decline and ruin. I thought that this would be the absolute proof to the moderns of the decline of civilization, it never fails to amaze me sometimes how strong the polar reality delusion really is on the human mind, I suppose that’s why blind faith is such an effective form of mind control. The Egyptian Pharaohs tried to replicate the Godly buildings which they found already standing in the desert, they thought they could only be great tombs of some magical god-like beings, who possibly came from the stars . It was certainly a much more magical world than what we see today, and the knowledge that other races visited the planet was normal, and you may ask how did a world of advanced humans exist before our own, and how were they ahead of this world technologically and spiritually in many ways than we are today? So all that remains to be asked is where did they come from? More importantly, where did their machines go? If the pyramid is aligned to Orion, does this mean the gods came from that system? Well, if you want to see some of the machines used, do a bit of research into the Egyptian site of Dendera and have a look at Abydos and Saqquara, but prepare yourselves as you are about to see proof that the ancients also had aircrafts. But a little secret before I go, I can tell you this, as I know that people are going to find this out anyway in the next few years. The secret is that our fore-fathers came from the planet Mars and countless other planets over millions of years, and the most recent wave of visitors came 50,000 years ago before Mars was hit by a giant comet from an exploding planet. Where the hell do you think all the different races come from? Indian-Asian-African-Caucasian. Certain other negative groups also came here around the same time and presented themselves as gods before starting genetic experiments on the different life forms on the planet. These beings were dying fugitives from a great war in space, and the ancestors of these groups are still controlling our world to this very day and they are turning this beautiful planet into one that suits themselves by destroying the atmosphere. But don’t worry I’m not the only (Reality Host) who has came back at this time, in fact there are thousands of us, and we are going to turn all of this nonsense around. There have been different kinds of Humans on the earth for millions of years, go deep into the caves and look at their beautiful paintings of the spirit animal gods they drew. Some times they were primitive, sometimes they still had their technology. But one thing is for sure, the cycles will bring change again, and as long as you know that these traumatic cataclysmic events are actually supreme chances of spiritual evolution simply disguised as end-times and that you cannot die as you are pure energy then you will be fine.
But you ask how the hell do I know all this to be true? Well as I’ve already told you once and maybe you didn’t listen, so ill tell you once more.

Its simple.
Dr Mu.